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Smart Contract Platforms

0x ($ZRX) guide: The future of cryptocurrency exchanges?

0x ($ZRX) is an open protocol for developers to build their own decentralised cryptocurrency exchanges on the Ethereum blockchain. 0x came about...
THORChain-RUNE guide

THORChain ($RUNE) information and guide

Among the growing list of emerging decentralized exchanges lies THORChain and their RUNE token. The Company is one of many decentralized finance...

Algorand (ALGO) Explained

What is Algorand? Algorand is a high-performance next-generation blockchain whose goal is to create a transparent system in which...

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a decentralized smart contract platform which would be driven by peer reviewed academic research and capable of running both financial...
Vechain Logo

What is Vechain? Blockchain for Enterprise

What is Vechain? VeChain (or VechainThor) is a next-generation smart contract blockchain platform focused on enterprise adoption, Internet of Things (IoT), and...

Walmart China brings VeChain’s Food Traceability Platform to Sam’s Club China

Around a year ago Walmart China, PwC China dn VeChain jointly announced they were setting up the Walmart China Blockchain Traceability Platform....

VeChain partners with Bayer China to create CSecure- a clinical trial traceability platform

Bayer China announced its partnership with VeChain during an interview with VCBeat on 28th May 2020- a Chinese news publication focusing on...

Carry Protocol: What is it and what will it do for offline retail?

Carry Protocol is a blockchain project that integrates directly interacts with millions of customers who shop and...

ThunderCore (TT) Explained: Will this Blockchain overtake Ethereum?

What is Thundercore? ThunderCore (TT) is a high-performance smart contract platform which allows for the running of decentralized applications...
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Harmony Protocol (ONE): Everything you NEED to know

The Harmony (ONE) protocol takes on the challenge of scaling blockchain without sacrificing decentralization. This has been...

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