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Aries Market is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built on Move, the same programming language used by Aptos to build its blockchain. Aries Market provides a wide range of decentralized finance (DeFi) products such as borrowing, lending, and margin trading on 1 single platform. Products include lending, borrowing, margin trading, swapping, and account risk management.

What is Aries Market?

Aries Market is a decentralized crypto exchange offering a wide range of DeFi products on a unified platform. On Aries Market, users can have a unified margin account on which they can borrow from various liquidity pools, earn interest on deposits, and do swaps and trades.

What products are available on Aries Market?

Aries Market is currently in a “soft launch” phase where all its features are not available yet. At present, the following products are available on Aries Market: lending, borrowing, swaps, and global account management. Notably, trading features are not yet available on Aries Market.

There are, however, deposit limits for the available asset pools on Aries Market. The limits are as follows: 4 million zUSDC (LayerZero), 4 million USDC (Wormhole Bridge), 500,000 APT, 10,000 SOL.

Aries Market
Aries Market

Supported assets

Aries Market currently supports the following assets: zUSDC (LayerZero), USDC (Wormhole Bridge), APT and SOL. The team expects more assets to be listed soon.

Coming soon on Aries Market

The Aries Market team expects the following features to be available in the coming months:

  • Full set of features will be available on Aries Market;
  • integration of Aries Market with Aptos; and
  • Gamified events and campaigns on the Aries Market and Aptos community.

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