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Blockchain projects frequently rely on crypto airdrops to raise awareness, grow their community, and increase the value of their products. After all, the survival of a project depends on its ability to attract and grow its user base. Users, of course, have nothing to complain about. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff? People have made as much as US$10,000 from crypto airdrops, all without putting in a single cent. We have compiled a list of the top cryptocurrency airdrops and evaluated them.

Tensor Token Season 2 Airdrop

Tensor ($TNSR) Token Airdrop Guide

Tensor is a Solana-based NFT marketplace that offers a unique fee structure to its users, similar to Blur on Ethereum. The Season 3 airdrop...

Avail token airdrop guide

Avail ($AVAIL) is a new technology that allows developers to create their own blockchains with more speed, security, and flexibility. Avail will be launching...

Overlay Protocol ($OV) token airdrop guide

Overlay Protocol ($OV) is a liquidity layer that enables trading of illiquid assets without traditional counterparties. This allows users to trade any type of asset, including...
How to get $VENOM airdrop?

Venom ($VENOM) Token Airdrop Guide: 25 March listing!

Venom Foundation have launched a $1 billion fund to invest in Web3 and blokchain firms. And is launching a layer-0 blockchain that will function...

Dymension ($DYM) Token Staking Guide: 1000+ airdrop guide!

Dymension ($DYM) comprises a network of swiftly deployable and high-speed modular blockchains known as RollApps. The projects have just finished their airdrop, and those who...
Manta Network token airdrop guide

Manta Network Airdrop Guide: Renew Paradigm

Manta Network is a blockchain platform that enables developers to build and deploy zero-knowledge (ZK)-enabled applications and dApps on Ethereum with low fees, high...

EigenLayer ($EIGEN) token airdrop guide: How to claim?

Eigenlayer is a protocol built on Ethereum that helps people who own Ethereum to keep their money safe and earn more rewards. With EigenLayer,...

DOT is $DED token airdrop guide: Airdrop started!

DOT is $DED is a memecoin on Polkadot ($DOT) and is very popular amongst the Polkadot community. The team have confirmed that 100% of...

io.net ($IO) token airdrop guide: How to set up a worker...

io.net ($IO) is a decentralized computing network that allows AI engineers to access scalable distributed computing power. Massive Web3 investors are backing this huge...
How to get zkSync airdrop?

zkSync ($ZKS) Token Airdrop Guide: 4-in-1 airdrop

zkSync is a layer-2 scaling solution designed to speed up transactions and lower gas fees on Ethereum. zkSync also has a huge ecosystem of...