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Coin guides are an overview of a particular cryptocurrency, technology, use case, highlighting its key features and its value proposition. These guides are designed to easily understood and serve a broad overview of the topic, without going into too much of the technical detail. Coin guides are for coins and tokens that have completed their ICO stage and have been listed on exchanges.

China’s National Digital Currency DCEP / CBDC Overview

What is DCEP? China's national digital currency DCEP (Digital Currency Electronic Payment, DC/EP) will be built with Blockchain and...

ChainLink ($LINK) guide: A key link in the DeFi space

ChainLink ($LINK) has been a standout project in the cryptocurrency industry since its creation in 2017 by San Francisco based company, SmartContract....
Orion ORN explained

Orion Protocol ($ORN) explained

Orion Protocol ($ORN) offers a unique liquidity aggregator that connects major exchanges into one simple platform. Orion sees traders having difficulty in...
Velo Labs Logo Large

Velo: The Biggest Payment Network Ever?

Velo Labs is building out the biggest payment network in Southeast Asia to improve remittance and money transfer markets. As some may...

SwissBorg ($CHSB): What is it?

SwissBorg provides users with tools (Wealth App, $CHSB token, etc.) and the infrastructure (wider support from community, regulatory clarity etc.) to manage...
Ethereum 2

Ethereum 2.0 is coming – Here’s what you NEED to know

Ethereum 2.0 (“Serenity”) is an upgrade to the Ethereum Network which improves the speed, efficiency, and scalability of the network. This will...
Utrust guide and review

What is Utrust ($UTK): Full guide and review

Utrust aims to distinguish itself from the competition and overcome the volatility and lack of consumer protection which are some of the...
Balancer Defi Logo

Balancer Finance Guide and Review ($BAL)

Balancer ($BAL) is an automatic market maker (AMM) protocol that reduces the cost and slippage between trades of different cryptocurrencies. Balancer is...

What is AAVE ($LEND)?

Aave Protocol with their native token $LEND is a leading company within the decentralized finance (DeFi) sphere. The Company allows its users...
What is Compound Finance ($COMP)_ A guide to using and mining on this DeFi platform

What is Compound Finance ($COMP)? A guide to hacks and tips on the latest...

Compound Finance is a leading decentralised finance (DeFi) protocol which allows users to deposit and borrow cryptocurrencies, and earn interest whilst doing...

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