Upcoming Crypto Airdrops: These have the HIGHEST potential!

Blockchain projects frequently rely on crypto airdrops to raise awareness, grow their community, and increase the value of their products. After all, the survival of a project depends on its ability to attract and grow its user base. Users, of course, have nothing to complain about. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff? In this article, we look at the rumoured upcoming crypto airdrops. We also look at how you can sign up and receive free airdropped tokens.

But before you rush out there to sign up, check out our article to learn more about crypto airdrops, and how to protect yourself against airdrop scams.

Blur NFT Marketplace: Season 2 coming April 2023

Blur ($BLUR) calls itself the “Fastest NFT Marketplace” providing users with a decentralized marketplace for trading Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). They aim to stand out by giving users the ability to sweep across multiple NFT marketplaces, faster access to NFT reveals, and improved user experience.

Blur’s airdrop Season 1 ended on 14th February 2023. Blur have announced they will airdrop over 300 million $BLUR in Season 2, expected to happen in April 2023.

To participate in Blur’s Airdrop Season 2, users can connect their wallet to Blur’s platform and begin bidding on collections here. Airdrops are given on a point-based system. This system rewards bids on NFT collections based on their 24-hour volume. Participants can also maximize their $BLUR token airdrop by earning more points with loyalty.

Learn how to get Blur token airdrops and maximize your gains: Blur Airdrop Guide: How to Get Season 2 Rewards?

Sei Network ($SEI) Airdrop: Confirmed!

Sei Network is a layer-1 blockchain built with Cosmos SDK. Its aim is to become the preferred chain for decentralized exchanges (DEXs) in DeFiNFTs, and GameFi. Sei Network is planning to launch its $SEI token after its mainnet launch in the coming months. They have also confirmed that 1% of its total supply will be allocated to airdrops. The best way to receive a potential $SEI airdrop is to interact with their Seinami Incentivized Testnet by completing their tasks. Check out our Sei Network ($SEI) Token Airdrop Guide.

Vela Exchange ($VELA) Airdrop: Confirmed. Details TBC

Vela Exchange is a digital asset trading platform. The platform is currently in open beta for everyone to trade and stake.

Vela has confirmed (via Twitter) they will be doing an airdrop in its Beta Phase 3, scheduled to begin on 6th March 2023. So far, they have hinted on Twitter that maximizing your trading volume is the key to a max airdrop. Also, participating in their Flash Trading Competition will not only give you a chance to win their prizes but may also give you more airdropped tokens. Vela is currently running its first Flash Trading Competition, with 10,000 $USDC and 2,000 $eVELA rewards up for grabs!

For more details, check out our Vela Exchange ($VELA) Token Airdrop Guide

zkSync ($ZKS) Airdrop: TBC

zkSync is a ZK Rollup that aims to provide scaleable and low-cost transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. This is by submitting validity proof to an Ethereum smart contract along with transactions that are bundled.

The Full Launch Alpha of zkSync 2.0 is estimated to be in Q2 2023. The team have said they will launch a native token in the future, leading to hopes that some of the tokens will be airdropped then. There is speculation that to be eligible for the zkSync Airdrop, users should: (1) set up and fund their zkSync wallet; (2) interact with zkSync Lite; and/or (3) use zkSync-based dApps such as Orbiter Finance or ZigZag. The last option is also particularly worthwhile to do because other zkSync dApps may not have launched their token yet. So you may get a chance to earn double airdrops!

Sui Blockchain: Further airdrops TBC https://boxmining.com/zigzag-exchange-zz-token-airdrop/

Sui Blockchain is a decentralized, proof-of-stake blockchain with horizontally scaleable throughput and storage. They are a platform that allows creators and developers to build on-chain assets. Sui has previously completed a successful airdrop to its Testnet Wave 1 and 2 validators. Validators received 2,000 SUI subject to a 1-year vesting period.

Hopefully, Sui will announce a third Testnet Wave or another airdrop campaign soon.

Learn more- Sui ($SUI) token airdrop guide: How to get free tokens

My MetaTrader ($MMT) Airdrop: Second Round CONFIRMED!

My MetaTrader (mTrader) is a DEX built on Arbitrum with GPT-3. It offers low trading fees, a wide range of trading pairs and leveraged trading up to 150x on cryptocurrencies, 1000x on forex & commodities, 100x on stocks, and 35x on indices. Their $MMT token was listed on SushiSwap on 21st February 2023, with 5% of its total supply of 5 million tokens being allocated towards airdrops.

My MetaTrader have announced their airdrop is divided into two rounds. The first round is already over, but the date of the second round is yet to be announced. The second round will have the most tokens available for airdrops- 890,000 $MMT! To be eligible for their second round of airdrops, obtain special roles on their Discord channel and complete different tasks on Galxe and Crew3.

Learn more with our My MetaTrader ($MMT) Token Airdrop Guide

StarkNet ($STRK) Token Airdrop: Potential second round?

StarkNet is a decentralized Validity-Rollup (or “ZK-Rollup”) that works on top of Ethereum, providing unlimited computational capacity to decentralized applications without sacrificing security or compatibility. It utilizes STARK, a secure and scalable cryptographic proof system, to ensure that transactions are secure and reliable. StarkNet is permission-free, meaning anyone can use it without needing to be approved by a third party. StarkNet’s alpha v0.11.0 has just gone live on Testnet, and the mainnet upgrade is expected to follow soon after.

The best way to receive a potential StarkNet $STRK token airdrop is to interact with their testnet. Also, there are a few protocols on StarkNet that do not have a token yet. So using their DApps could put you in a position to receive their airdrops as well, allowing you to earn double rewards!

Check out our StarkNet ($STRK) Token Airdrop Guide.

MetaMask ($MASK) airdrop: TBC

MetaMask is a popular browser extension that allows users to store their Ethereum (ETH)/ ERC-20 tokens as well as interact with other decentralized exchanges. It is highly popular for users that use ETH and/or its tokens often. This is because it is secure and allows users to have quick access to their funds.

Check out our MetaMask Guide: How to set up an account? Plus tips and hacks for advanced users.

On 16th March 2022, it was announced that MetaMask intends to launch its own token. Although there are few details of when the token would be launched, it was teased that the token’s ticker would be $MASK.

Details of how to be eligible for MetaMask ($MASK) token airdrop have not been released. However, it is speculated that using the wallet for DeFi activities, swapping tokens, and bridging assets might entitle you to a MetaMask ($MASK) token airdrop when it happens.

Learn more about MetaMask ($MASK) Token Airdrop Guide: Earn $4000 for Free

Shardeum ($SHM) Airdrop: Details TBC

Shardeum is a smart contract platform built on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Although it is similar to other state-sharding platforms like HarmonyElrond and NEAR Protocol, Shardeum stands out by using dynamic state-sharding.

Shardeum has not officially announced their $SHM token airdrop yet. However, Shardeum recently launched their betanet, and protocols on there also have incentives for early users. So the best chance to receive Shardeum token airdrops would be to interact with their testnet.

For a full guide on how to potentially receive Shardeum ($SHM) token airdrops: Shardeum ($SHM) Token Airdrop Guide: Earn $1500 for Free

LayerZero ($ZRO) Airdrop: TBC

LayerZero ($ZRO) is an omnichain interoperability protocol that can be used for lightweight messaging across chains. They are able to provide authentic and guaranteed message delivery with configurable trustlessness. It is currently live on most major blockchains including Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, BNB Chain, Aptos, Fantom, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

LayerZero has not launched its token yet. However, it is hoped that when they do, they will airdrop the token to users of their dApps. Here are some suggestions for participating in any potential airdrop. However, do note that there is no official announcement regarding airdrops from the LayerZero team. So any suggested participation methods are speculation only.

Learn more about LayerZero and details on how to be eligible for any future airdrops.

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