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Blockchain projects frequently rely on crypto airdrops to raise awareness, grow their community, and increase the value of their products. After all, the survival of a project depends on its ability to attract and grow its user base. Users, of course, have nothing to complain about. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff? People have made as much as US$10,000 from crypto airdrops, all without putting in a single cent. We have compiled a list of the top cryptocurrency airdrops and evaluated them.

Blast token airdrop guide: How to get maximum Blast Points?

Blast refers to itself as the only Ethereum L2 with native yield for ETH and stablecoins. Blast is created by Pacman, who shot to...
Here's how to get Scroll token airdrop.

Scroll Token Airdrop Guide: Beta Testnet LIVE NOW!

Zero-knowledge rollups (ZK-rollups) could be one of the strongest performing sectors in 2023, as demand for Ethereum scaling solutions is increasing. As such, Scroll is another...
Polyhedra Network Airdrop

Polyhedra Network Token Airdrop Guide: BIG POTENTIAL!

Polyhedra Network is building an interoperable Web3 infrastructure using zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) technology, and it is backed by the likes of Binance, Polychain Capital,...
Best airdrop route

Best airdrop routes: How to get over 25 token airdrops at...

Crypto token airdrops are an almost guaranteed way for cryptocurrency and blockchain projects to get maximum exposure and users for their protocol. Therefore, many...

Nostra ($NOS) token airdrop guide: Early StarkNet ecosystem project!

Nostra ($NOS) is a DeFi protocol on the StarkNet ecosystem allowing users to lend, borrow, and trade crypto on Starknet. In 2022, Nostra passed...
Here's how to get StarkNet airdrop.

StarkNet ($STRK) Token Airdrop Guide: Are you eligible?

StarkNet is another major ZK-rollup player, and its mainnet is launching soon. StarkNet has just released its airdrop eligiblility critiera. In this article, we...
What is Arbitrum?

Arbitrum ($ARB) Token Airdrop: Arbitrum Odyssey how to guide

Arbitrum will airdrop over 1 billion $ARB tokens to its protocol users on March 23, 2023. The snapshot was taken in February, and at...

Bungee Token Airdrop Guide: How to get 5 Airdrops in 1!

Bungee is a tool powered by Socket that helps people find the best way to move a digital token from one blockchain to another....

Tevaera $TEVA token airdrop guide: How to get double airdrop?

Tevaera ($TEVA) is a Gaming Ecosystem on zkSync unlocking the next era of on-chain games. The ecosystem includes Teva Core, Teva Chain, Teva Dex...
Here's how to get $TKO airdrops.

Taiko ($TKO) Token Airdrop Guide: Alpha-3 Testnet How To Guide

Taiko is a ZK-EVM scaling solution for Ethereum, similar to zkSync and StarkNet. They recently launched the Taiko Alpha-3 Testnet and confirmed a token...