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Make sense of the news and how it affects the blockchain space as a whole. Crypto trends is a collection of relevant news and insights to help you make an informed decision.

Stride ($STRD) token airdrop guide

Stride is a blockchain that allows users to liquidate their staked tokens from any Cosmos chain and earn both staking and DeFi yields. They...

WEN token airdrop guide: Stake WEN for more airdrops

Wen ($WEN) is known as a community created coin to "immortalize wen culture". Their airdrop claim has recently closed, and many users were able...

Burnt (XION) token airdrop guide

Burn (XION) is a modular Generalized Abstraction layer that enables seamless user experiences for everyday users by abstracting away all crypto complexities and enabling...

Yaka Finance ($YAKA) token airdrop guide: Fairest airdrop!

Yaka Finance ($YAKA) is the native liquidity engine of Sei Network. They have already confirmed details of their airdrops (yes, multiple airdrops!). Most importantly,...
Here's how to get Celestia airdrop.

Celestia ($TIA) Token Airdrop Guide: How to get season 2 airdrop?

Celestia is one of the hottest modular blockchain projects in 2023. Their first airdrop, known as the Genesis Drop, is currently LIVE! And their...

EigenLayer token airdrop guide: How to claim AltLayer airdrop?

Eigenlayer is a protocol built on Ethereum that helps people who own Ethereum to keep their money safe and earn more rewards. With EigenLayer,...

Elys Network ($ELYS, $EDEN) token airdrop guide

Elys Network is a blockchain platform that supports a decentralized suite of financial applications using nuclear fusion technology and Cosmos ecosystem. The project is at a VERY EARLY stage such that...

SatoshiVM ($SAVM) token airdrop guide

SatoshiVM ($SAVM) is a technology that allows Bitcoin to work with Ethereum’s EVM ecosystem. This means that Bitcoin can now create new assets and...

Berachain ($BERA, $BGT) token airdrop guide

Berachain ($BERA, $BGT) is a high-performance, EVM-compatible blockchain that uses Proof-of-Liquidity consensus to align network incentives and support decentralized applications. There are rumours all...

Pyth Network ($PYTH) token staking airdrop guide

Pyth Network ($PYTH) is the world's largest first party decentralized oracle network that connects market data from the world’s largest professional traders and exchanges...