Axelar ($AXL) token airdrop guide

Axelar ($AXL) is a network on Cosmos that allows different blockchain systems to communicate with each other by sending messages and transferring assets securely through its validators and smart contracts. Being on the Cosmos ecosystem, there could be a potential for a Axelar ($AXL) token airdrop! Here is our Axelar ($AXL) token airdrop guide.

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IG Airdrop Potential for Axelar ($AXL) Stakers 2024?!

What is Axelar ($AXL)?

Axelar is a blockchain network designed to facilitate cross-chain communication and transactions. Here are the main features of Axelar ($AXL):

  • Gateway Smart Contracts: Enable message passing across connected chains, controlled by a key shared among Axelar validators through multi-party cryptography.
  • Validators’ Roles: Validators not only produce blocks and validate transactions but also verify cross-chain activities by running nodes for supported chains and observing external chain activities.
  • Relayer Services: Optional services that anyone can perform without trust, crucial for initiating cross-chain communication like starting deposit confirmation votes.
  • Gas Receiver: A smart contract that accepts tokens to cover gas fees for executing cross-chain smart contract calls, part of Axelar’s relayer services.

Axelar is gaining a lot of attention right now because it is attracting a lot of institutional attention. For example, Ripple is teaming up with Axelar for cross chain communication. They are also collaborating with Onyx by JP Morgan for cross-chain portfolio management.

How to get the Axelar ($AXL) token airdrop?

Time needed: 10 minutes

Here’s a guide on how to get the potential Axelar ($AXL) token airdrop

  1. Buy Axelar ($AXL)

    Buy Axelar ($AXL) tokens – Start by purchasing Axelar tokens from a cryptocurrency exchange such as Bybit, BingX, Coinbase or Binance. Ensure you have the required number of tokens for staking and participation in the airdrop.

    Sign up for a Bybit account!

    Sign up for a BingX account!

  2. Set up Keplr wallet

    Set up a Keplr wallet or any other secure and compatible wallet that supports Axelar tokens. The Keplr wallet can be downloaded as a Chrome browser extension.

  3. Stake Axelar ($AXL) Tokens

    Connect to the Axelar chain on Keplr dashboard at to find a list of Axelar validators. Choose a validator to stake your Axelar ($AXL) tokens in order to participate in the Axelar network and qualify for potential airdrops. Note, do not stake your tokens with centralized exchanges. We staked our $AXL tokens with Cosmos Station and some other validators.

  4. Monitor Airdrop Announcements

    Monitor Airdrop Announcements – Stay updated on official announcements from Axelar regarding upcoming potential airdrops. Follow Axelar’s social media channels and website for the latest information.

Axelar chain on Keplr dashboard
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