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Blockchain projects frequently rely on crypto airdrops to raise awareness, grow their community, and increase the value of their products. After all, the survival of a project depends on its ability to attract and grow its user base. Users, of course, have nothing to complain about. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff? People have made as much as US$10,000 from crypto airdrops, all without putting in a single cent. We have compiled a list of the top cryptocurrency airdrops and evaluated them.

Here's how to position yourself for a potential Sentiment token airdrop.

Sentiment Token Airdrop Guide: How to Qualify for Potential Snapshot

Sentiment is a lending and borrowing protocol built on Arbitrum. It does not have a token, but the team mentioned on Discord that they...
How to Get LayerZero Airdrop?

LayerZero ($ZRO) Token Airdrop Guide: Earn $5000 For Free

Looking for free tokens with huge upside potential? LayerZero is one of the major upcoming airdrops, funded by many reputable global enterprises such as...
Here's how to get the potential $VRTX airdrop.

Vertex Protocol ($VRTX) Token Airdrop Guide: LIVE NOW!

Vertex Protocol's testnet is currently live, and they are planning to launch their $VRTX token. This means that an airdrop is very likely. In...
Here's how to get Aztec token airdrop:

Aztec Network ($AZTEC) Token Airdrop Guide: Earn $2500 for Free

Aztec Network is another major ZK-rollup player, who recently received huge funding despite the bear market. They have hinted at a token launch in...

Stargate Finance ($STG) airdrop guide: PLUS how to get Arbitrum ($ARB)...

Stargate Finance is working to create a bridge between different digital assets. This bridge will allow users to easily transfer and use digital assets...

EVO Wallet Airdrop Guide: LIVE NOW

EVO Wallet is an Aptos Network wallet available on both iOS and Android. The wallet will allow users to send and receive Aptos tokens...
Script Network airdrop is live now!

Script Network ($SCPT + $SPAY) Token Airdrop Guide: LIVE NOW!

The Script Network testnet just went live, and you can earn points from completing simple tasks, which directly correspond to your token rewards. In...

The Crypto Squad Celebrates 7,000 Followers with an Airdrop Campaign!

The Crypto Squad, the popular Twitter account dedicated to cryptocurrency news and insights, is excited to announce an airdrop campaign to celebrate reaching 7,000...
Here's how to get potential Opyn token airdrop.

Opyn Token Airdrop Guide: How to Qualify for Potential Snapshot

Opyn is an options trading platform built on Ethereum. It currently does not have a token, but the team announced on Discord that they...
Tensor Token Season 2 Airdrop

Tensor Season 2 Airdrop: What You Need to Know

Tensor is a Solana-based NFT marketplace that offers a unique fee structure to its users, similar to Blur on Ethereum. The Season 1 airdrop...