Root Network ($ROOT) token airdrop guide

Root Network ($ROOT) is a blockchain platform designed to support the creation and management of digital assets and identities for the open metaverse, with features like smart contracts, cross-chain applications, and a proof-of-stake consensus for security and efficiency. They have recently launched an airdrop campaign for Galxe participants. Here’s our Root Network ($ROOT) token airdrop guide.

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Root Network ($ROOT) Airdrop on Galxe is LIVE! (Surprisingly Underfarmed)

What is Root Network ($ROOT)?

The Root Network is a technological foundation for the open metaverse, designed to provide a seamless user experience for metaverse applications. Here are the main features of Root Network ($ROOT):

  • Layer 1 Blockchain: Maintains ledger integrity, validates transactions, and executes smart contracts for metaverse applications.
  • EVM Integration: Supports Solidity smart contracts, allowing Ethereum-based code to run on The Root Network.
  • Digital Assets & Tokens: Enables creation and exchange of digital assets across various applications using industry standards like ERC-20 and ERC-721.
  • In-Chain Protocols: Offers built-in protocols for liquidity pools, digital collectibles, and cross-chain asset transfers without needing smart contract code.
  • Community Participation: Allows community members to run nodes, stake ROOT tokens, and participate in network governance and security.

Will there be a Root Network ($ROOT) token airdrop?

There will likely be a Root Network ($ROOT) token airdrop as part of the Galxe campaign. The Galxe Campaign commenced on April 9, 2024, and it will run until June 8, 2024. Participants can complete Galxe quests to accumulate Galxe Points, which are distributed in The Root Network token ($ROOT). Within a month after the conclusion of the initial set of campaigns, the Root Network token ($ROOT) will be distributed to participants.

How to get the Root Network ($ROOT) token airdrop

Here’s how to get the Root Network ($ROOT) token airdrop

  1. Connect to Root Network Galxe

    Connect your wallet to the Root Network Galxe page.

  2. Create Future Pass

    Click on the “Visit the FuturePass page” task and follow the instructions to create a FuturePass account. Note that the project has not updated their API yet so you may not see the green tick on the Galxe page even though you have completed the task.

  3. Complete social tasks

    Complete the social tasks i.e. follow Futureverse and Root Network on Twitter.

  4. Mint Galxe Passport

    Follow the steps to mint your Galxe Passport. Note you will need to provide your government issued identification document to obtain the Galxe Passport.

  5. Refer your friends

    Finally, click the “Share” button to copy your referral link and refer your friends to join in this campaign.

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