Ledger Stax: Next-Gen Crypto Wallet Designed by iPhone Co-Creator Tony Fadell

Ledger and Tony Fadell Unveil Stax Wallet

Ledger, one of the top hardware wallet providers, has announced the launch of its new Ledger Stax wallet in partnership with Tony Fadell, co-creator of the iPod and iPhone. This is a significant initiative as Fadell being one of the world’s foremost tech engineer is stepping in to bring clarity and confidence to owning digital assets following the collapse of FTX.

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Key Features of Ledger Stax Wallet

Fadell realized that existing hardware wallets are difficult to use for mass consumers. Therefore, he drew inspiration from his iPod design to bring a more user-friendly experience for wallet users.

Ledger Stax resembles a small smartphone and has a monochromatic E ink display which covers the front and curves around the spine. That way users can easily view complete transaction details as well as their NFT collections even when the wallet is off. This works in conjunction with integrated magnets, allowing multiple Stax devices to stack, hence its name. This is particularly useful for Ledger owners who have different portfolios since they can look at the labels displayed on the spine, like books on a shelf.

Stackable Ledger Stax wallets with displayable screen on the spine (Source: Ledger)

Users can store more than 500 cryptocurrencies or NFTs on Ledger Stax. Developers are also planning to allow users to explore Web3 applications through the Ledger Live app. Users can connect the Ledger Live app on (1) laptops via secure USB-C or (2) smartphones via bluetooth. This new user interface will enable clear and intuitive interaction for all mainstream users.

Ledger Stax also has good energy efficiency and supports wireless Qi charging. Its battery can last as long as few months with a single charge.

How to Get Ledger Stax Wallet?

Ledger Stax is now available for preorder at $279 and will begin shipping by the end of March 2023. It will also be available from select retailers such as Best Buy in the U.S. Those who purchase the wallet will also receive an Infinity Pass, which provides users with a free utility NFT.

Additionally, a Ledger Stax NFT Bundle is available to mint on [Ledger] Market for 0.22 ETH to redeem a free Ledger Stax device. It also unlocks access to exclusive NFT artwork from Ledger’s network of hand-picked artists. However, Genesis Pass holders and PREMINT Collabs have special mint-priority, and there are only 10,000 bundles available.

Key Takeaway

“Not your keys, not your crypto” — there is a great risk of losing all your crypto if you park it on a centralized exchange. Hardware wallets are great self-custodial solutions because only you have control over your funds. But the problem is it can be quite daunting to operate one, especially for beginners.

Ledger Stax will revolutionize this by bringing the familiar user experience of smartphones into hardware wallets. This is a big step towards a decentralized financial future as more people are opting for self-custodial solutions. If you are interested in other hardware wallets, feel free to check these out:

Pre-order your Ledger Stax for only $279 and get it by end of March 2023!

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What is the Ledger Stax wallet?

The Ledger Stax wallet is a new hardware wallet developed in partnership with Tony Fadell, co-creator of the iPod and iPhone. It has a unique and innovative design in the style of high-end Samsung cell phones, and lets users view their NFT collections even when the wallet is off.

When will the Ledger Stax be available for sale?

Ledger Stax is now available for reorder at $279 and will begin shipping by the end of March 2023.

What features does the Ledger Stax offer?

The Ledger Stax wallet is an easy-to-carry device about the size of a credit card, which allows users to store more than 500 cryptocurrencies or NFT collections. It also features an E-Ink touchscreen for viewing NFT collections, and a battery that can last for weeks or even months with a single charge.

Are there any incentives for purchasing the Ledger Stax?

Yes, those who purchase the wallet will be eligible for various prizes, such as a “Magnet Shell” protective case and an NFT from the “The Art On Ledger Stax Collection.”

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