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Blur Airdrop Guide: How to Get Season 2 Rewards?

Blur ($BLUR) refers to itself as the “Fastest NFT Marketplace”. Recently they completed the first season of 3 airdrops- known as “Care Packages”. Meanwhile, Blur have announced they will distribute over 300 million $BLUR in Season 2. This article is a guide to Blur’s Season 2 airdrop, expected to happen in April 2023.

However, the difficulty for Season 2 is expected to increase due to more competition. So in this article, we give strategic ways to increase listing points with the lowest investment possible.

Learn more about this revolutionary NFT marketplace: What is Blur NFT Marketplace?

Update 8 March: Blur airdrop 1 has been completed with 360 Million $BLUR being distributed for free. Some users have reported more than $100,000 worth of airdrops, so it pays to be loyal. Sign up for the NEW Boxmining Newsletter to get alerted about upcoming airdrops.

What is Blur?

Blur ($BLUR) is a decentralized NFT marketplace. They adopt an original strategy where users who support creator royalties will be rewarded with more tokens. The Blur team is anonymous, although they claim to have experience from Square, MIT, Brex, Five Rings, and Y Combinator. Blur aims to stand out as an NFT Marketplace with these unique features:

  • Sweep across multiple marketplaces;
  • fast access to NFT reveals. Blur lets users snipe NFTs before it even hits the major NFT market analytics sites and aggregators, and
  • improved user experience (UX) and interface.

So far, Blur has raised over 11 million in its Seed Round led by Paradigm.

$BLUR Tokenomics

$BLUR’s max supply is capped at 3 billion tokens (Source: TokenUnlocks). 51% of it goes to the community treasury, 29% to core contributors, 19% to investors, and 1% to advisors. Currently, only 360 million $BLUR are unlocked and in circulation, meaning 88% of tokens are locked.

There will be a linear unlock of 1.2 million $BLUR per day distributed to the community treasury. And the next cliff unlocks will be on 15th June 2023, unlocking 196 million $BLUR to all holders.

Does Blur have an airdrop?

There will be a Blur airdrop Season 2. Season 1 had 3 rounds of airdrops. Blur’s Airdrop 3, the largest and final airdrop of Season 1 distributed 1-2x more $BLUR to participants compared to Airdrop 2 and ended on 14th February 2023. Blur has confirmed that over 300m tokens will be distributed in Season 2.

How to claim Blur Season 1 airdrop?

Here’s how to claim your Blur season 1 airdrop:

  • Go to their website and connect your wallet.
  • Click on the “Airdrop” tab to see how many Care Packages you have earned.
  • Claim your Care Package by clicking “Reveal Care Packages”.
  • Then, to claim your $BLUR, click “Continue to BLUR”, “Open care packages for $BLUR”, “Next” and then “Open for $BLUR”.
  • You will then be asked to Tweet to claim $BLUR, do this and then click “Verify Tweet”.
  • Connect your wallet (e.g. MetaMask) to claim $BLUR and certify that you are not a US person. You may be required to manually add the $BLUR token contract to your MetaMask in order to see your $BLUR holdings.
  • Confirm the transaction on your wallet.

Blur Season 2 airdrop predictions

Blur has teased season 2 of its airdrop. Until 1st April 2023, the team announced that all bidding and listing points will be doubled. Predictions suggest that points will be 2-10x more difficult to earn, but with more total points to be earned if season 2 airdrops last longer. We do not yet know the season 2 airdrop rewards or when it will end. Also, because of more people trying to get airdrops, there will likely be fewer $BLUR rewards in season 2.

Higher competition for airdrops also means more competitive bidding on the platform. Floor prices are higher and bidding spreads are narrower. And as a result, it will be harder to bid and flip NFTs for profit.

The Blur team is also on the lookout for people who try to “game” the system through spoofing bids. These users “spoof” bids by withdrawing their bids when someone tries to accept them. This is done by monitoring the mempool and removing any ETH from the pool or incrementing their nounce to cancel any bids at the last second. The Team has said on Twitter that any wallet that has been found to be spoofing bids will be filtered out for Season 2, so they will not be eligible for airdrops. In turn, this will make getting points harder.

Nevertheless, according to Luke Cannon, the best (and safest) strategy for Blur season, 2 airdrops is to adopt $0 airdrop anchoring. That is, to assume the airdrop will be worthless and only make profitable bids.

Blur Season 2 airdrop strategy guide

Blur revealed there will be a Season 2 airdrop soon. All bidding and listing points have been doubled until 1st April 2023. This means that you must start listing and bidding NFTs on Blur to get a head start on the Season 2 rewards. Remember to bid on top collections closer to the floor price to boost your points. Blur have also confirmed that the secret to maximising rewards in Season 2 will be Loyalty.

difficulty with Season 2 is that it requires users to actively list NFTs on the platform at a lower floor price than on other platforms

– Michael Gu

How to maximize your $BLUR token airdrop?

Blur has 3 types of points that count towards how many airdropped Care Packages you will receive and their rarity. These are Bid Points, Listing Points and Loyalty. Meanwhile, there are 3 rarities of Care Packages: Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Mythical. The rarer the Care Package, the more $BLUR tokens they contain. For example, Mythical Care Packages are worth 100x Uncommon Care Packages.

Maximize your Blur Listing Points

Season 1 already required us to list NFTs, and the formula for Season 2 should be similar. The simplified formula looks like this:

Listing points = A x B x C

A: volume of the collection B: floor price of the collection C: how close is your listing to floor price or below “top trait

Many people have already mass listed their NFTs. Because of that your “top trait” will probably be close to the floor even for mid-rares. This means that if you want to maximize your listing points, the easiest (and most dangerous) way is to list NFTs below the floor price. This is highly risky as it might mean selling NFTs at a loss – so the objective is really to maximize the number of listing points with as low exposure to risk as possible. Here are some ways to maximize your Blur listing points:

  • Listing all your NFTs, and more active collections (especially blue chips).
  • If you don’t plan to sell your NFTs list them for a short time slightly above the floor price but at a price that is unlikely to sell. Delist them, then list again at a new floor price.
  • Use Blur’s listing tools e.g. listing by floor price, trait floor price, and ladder list
  • Avoid “gaming” the system, e.g. by relisting NFTs at unrealistic prices, listing dead collections, and sybil attacking
  • Listing Otherdeed for Othersides: Otherdeed for Otherside is an NFT collection with MANY different resources in different Tiers divided into N/E/S/W. Despite the many listings, you can find big discrepancies between the floor and “top trait” here (even for floor items). That will pretty easily let you farm points without risking selling your assets.
  • Listing items locked on OpenSea: Whether an item was locked or not had no impact in season 1. This is likely to still be the case in season 2. You can farm much more points using them because you can list them far below “top trait” or even the normal floor.

Maximize your Blur Bid Points

  • Within a collection, the highest “risk” bids will earn the majority of points. For example, if the floor price of an NFT is 1.01, and there are 100 bids at 1 whilst your bid is at 0.99, you would not earn as many points. This is because there are 100 bids in front of you at a higher price. Whereas if you bid at 1.01, you are bidding more than others and taking the most “risk”. This in turn means you can earn more points to potentially get more $BLUR;
  • The longer your bid is active, the more points you will receive. You stop earning points when your bid is accepted. Meanwhile bids can be cancelled for free;
  • Users can reuse the ETH in their Bid Pool across different NFT collections. So, the strategy to get maximum points is to bid closest to the floor price across multiple active collections; and
  • The top 100 bidders within a 24-hour time period on Blur’s 24-hour leaderboard can receive up to 2.5x boosts.

Maximise your Blur Loyalty Points

Blur has a Loyalty system that affects your luck when revealing your Care Packages. Blur has confirmed that Loyalty is the secret to maximising airdrops in season 2. 100% loyalty throughout the Season 2 campaign gives you the highest chance of receiving Mythical Care Packages worth 100x Uncommon Care Packages. Here are your odds of getting a Mythial Care Package airdrop based on your loyalty:

  • <50% loyalty = low luck;
  • 50-90% loyalty = medium luck;
  • 90-97% loyalty = high luck; and
  • 97%+ loyalty = very high luck

Blur has suggested 3 ways to maximise your Loyalty Points:

  • List your NFTs through Blur. Do not use the advanced listing feature which allows you to list everywhere in one go.
  • Bidding and listing rewards will be equally large. Max listing points = listings x loyalty. So the more you list, the more you earn.
  • Contribute to the Blur community e.g. by mentioning Blur on Twitter.
  • Listing your NFTs exclusively on Blur. Click “max your loyalty” to remove third-party listings in 1 transaction. Note that listing NFTs that are not supported by Blur on other exchanges (eg. ERC-1155 tokens) will not affect your loyalty.
Season 2 requires users to ONLY list on Blur in order to obtain 100% loyalty

Blur Airdrop strategy: How to turn 1-2 ETH into $85,000?

Luke Cannon on Twitter shared how he turned 1-2 ETH into $85,000 by simply participating in Blur’s airdrops. Here are some of his tips:

  • $0 airdrop anchoring;
  • high volume/ low competition;
  • liquidity recycling patience; and
  • loyalty

$0 airdrop anchoring. This is where you focus only on bidding on NFTs that you could profitably flip. For example, bidding on new mints or older projects that still maintain support.

High volume/low competition. Find the relatively high volume, low competition, and long-term collections to bid on. Also, you can use the same ETH to bid on as many collections as possible.

Liquidity recycling patience. Have conviction in the NFT collection that you own and do not sell your NFTs at a loss. And again, do not make bids unless they are profitable.

Having 24/7 perfect loyalty will ensure maximum $BLUR airdrops.

More Blur Airdrop Strategies: Trade like an NFT market maker?

Many use the strategy to place as many bids on Blur as possible without them being accepted. However, Sugar Shane has another strategy, which according to him, is a more conservative strategy that could get you more points in the long term whilst minimizing losses. His strategy to maximising your Blur airdrop is to think of yourself as an NFT market maker. According to him, the goal of bidding on Blur should not be to avoid getting a bid or bidding and removing them quickly. This is because NFT markets move faster than you can remove a bid. Instead, the strategy when bidding on Blur is to get a good price on an NFT. Because in fact, you do want to have some successful bids. This is because there are some desperate sellers selling their valuable NFTs at low prices for liquidity. And if your bid is successful, holders should consider not rushing to sell their NFT. The reason for this is that if you allow time for the market to fill up, you may be able to sell that NFT for a profit.

He also reminds Blur bidders that market makers do not try to get the top bid every time. Instead, they try to fill the order book at every level, and on both sides of the order book.

Higher NFT Trading Volume than OpenSea

Since February, Blur has seen more NFT trading volume than OpenSea, the top NFT platform. However, according to Dune Analytics, 11% of Blur’s total traded volume was flagged as wash trading. This is when someone buys and sells the same asset to fake an active trading volume. In the case of Blur, the more trades you get, the more care package you can potentially acquire.

Blur Airdrop Review

When reviewing an airdrop, there are several factors to consider. First, the likelihood the project will even do an airdrop in the first place. Then, to look at how many tokens the project intends to allocate towards airdrop campaigns, as well as the difficulty in participating in their airdrop. It is also important to look at the utility of the token so that there will be an actual use and purpose in participating in the airdrop in the first place. Finally, a factor to consider when reviewing an airdrop is whether the airdropped tokens are subject to any lockup period.

Likelihood of Airdrop: Blur’s final and largest airdrop yet is now LIVE.

Airdropped Token Allocation: Blur’s Airdrop 2 gave a total of 10x more tokens than Airdrop 1. Airdrop 3 will be distributing 1-2x more tokens compared to Airdrop 2. And now, we are on Season 2 of airdrops. This makes Blur’s airdrops very generous.

Airdrop Difficulty: Blur’s airdrop is not difficult in terms of participation. Users simply connect their wallet to Blur and begin bidding on NFT collections. Airdrops are given based on a point system, which rewards bids on NFT collections based on their 24-hour volume. There are additional rewards for Loyalty to the Blur platform.

Token Utility: The token is used for governance.

Token Lockup: Season 1 airdrop Care Packages can be opened after 14th February 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Blur crypto?

Blur is at cryptocurrency project that provides users with a decentralized marketplace for trading NFTs. 

When was the $BLUR token launched?

The $BLUR token was launched on 14th February 2023.

When can I open my Blur Care Packages?

You can open your $BLUR token Care Packages from 14th February 2023 onwards.

How much can you make on $BLUR airdrops?

The largest airdrop farmer received 3.2 million $BLUR, which was worth around US$2.48 million.

When is $BLUR airdrop season 2 live?

Season 2 is coming soon. For now, all bidding and listing points have been doubled until 1st April 2023. This means that to get a head start, you should begin listing and bidding NFTs on Blur.

When can you open your airdropped $BLUR Care Packages?

You can open the $BLUR token Care Packages received from Airdrops 1, 2, and 3 from the $BLUR token launch on 14th February 2023 onwards.

When is the $BLUR token launch?

On 14th February 2023, the $BLUR token was launched. $BLUR is listed on ByBit, Coinbase, Uniswap, Kucoin, Gate.io and many others.

How long do I have to claim my $BLUR airdrop?

You can claim your airdrop within 60 days from 14th February 2023 (i.e. 16th April 2023).

How much $BLUR would be distributed in season 2?

Blur will be distributing 360 million $BLUR in season 2 to Traders, Care Package holders and Creators.

How do I claim my $BLUR tokens?

Here’s how to claim your $BLUR tokens: Connect your wallet on their website. On the “Airdrop” tab, click “Reveal Care Packages”, “Continue to BLUR” and “Open care packages for $BLUR”. Follow the instructions. Note you will be asked to Tweet to claim $BLUR. You will also need to verify the tweet before you will have the option to connect your wallet to claim your $BLUR. You may be required to manually add the $BLUR token contract in order to see your $BLUR holdings.

What is Blur’s Loyalty Point system?

Blur has a Loyalty system, which affects your luck when revealing your Care Packages. Users with 100% loyalty throughout the airdrop campaign have the highest chance of receiving Mythical Care Packages. Mythical Care Packages are worth 100x Uncommon Care Packages. Here are your odds of getting a Mythial Care Package airdrop based on your loyalty:
<50% loyalty = low luck;
50-90% loyalty = medium luck;
90-97% loyalty = high luck; and
97%+ loyalty = very high luck

How do I check my Blur Listing Points/Bid Points/Loyalty Points?

Users can check their Blur Listing Points/Bid Points/Loyalty Points on the Airdrop tab.

How much is the $BLUR token worth?

As of the time of writing, $BLUR tokens are worth US$0.638864. $BLUR currently has a market cap of US$255,886,196 and ranked no. 151. $BLUR token prices hit an all-time high of US$5.02 on 14th February 2023, and an all-time low of US$0.489540.

Are there any fees for trading NFTs on Blur.io?

There are no fees for selling NFTs on Blur.io.

Where can I buy, sell and trade $BLUR?

BLUR can be traded on most major cryptocurrency exchanges including Uniswap, Sushiswap, Bybit, and Coinbase.

How can I maximise my Season 2 Blur airdrop?

The Blur team have alerady emphasized that having perfect Loyalty scores throughout the campaign would maximise your Season 2 Blur airdrop. This means you must only list your NFTs on Blur and not on any other NFT marketplaces.

Likelihood of Airdrop
Airdropped Token Allocation
Airdrop Difficulty
Token Utility
Token Lockup
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blur-token-airdrop-guideThe final and largest $BLUR token airdrop is currently LIVE. What's more, on 14th February 2023, the $BLUR token will be launched and listed on multiple exchanges. This will mean users can reveal their airdropped Blur Care Packages and start trading $BLUR!


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