Tipcoin $tip token strategy guide: How to get maximum points!

Tipcoin refers to itself as the “future of social interaction”. It allows users to receive points simply for posting on Twitter/X. What’s more, there are ways to get multipliers on points depending on the type of tip. Here’s our secret strategy guide on how to get maximum Tipcoin $TIP tokens.

Interacting with other Twitter users will give you MAXIMUM points and $tip, so follow us on Twitter so we can $tip you too and get you started!

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Tipcoin step-by-step set up and strategy guide

  1. Set up and use Tipcoin account. See here
  2. Use our strategies to get maximum points and $tip. See here.

What is Tipcoin?

Tipcoin is a cryptocurrency aims to transform Twitter / X into a platform for seamless social interaction by enabling users to reward friends and their favorite content creators effortlessly. It operates as a decentralized social platform, rewarding users on Twitter for their engagement and tweets. To earn rewards, users simply need to mention Tipcoin by tagging @tipcoineth on Twitter and using $tip or #tip in their tweets.

How does Tipcoin work?

Twitter/ X users are rewarded with points for replying, quoting or tweeting if they mention $tip or #tip. As will be seen below, different types of tweets e.g. original tweets, tipped quotes or replies, and kickbacks will entitle you to get more points.

Tipcoin has been working on 1 week epochs since 1st September 2023 at 8:00am EST (i.e. their launch date). Points earned during each epoch (week) are calculated. Then, Tipcoin will calculate and determine how much $tip they earned using their point system. Finally, users can claim their earned $tip tokens in the next epoch (i.e. next week).

Will there be a Tipcoin $tip airdrop?

According to Tipcoin’s tokenomics, 35% of $tip tokens will be reserved for platform rewards. Tipcoin have also confirmed that they will be doing airdrops on their future $tip platform. More details will be released in the week leading up to the end of epoch 3. So, watch this space for more details on the upcoming Tipcoin airdrop!

How to use Tipcoin?

Here’s how to set up, use and earn Tipcoin ($tip)

  1. Set up and activate $tip account

    On their page, click “Start Now” to link and authorise your Twitter account. You will then need to send out an activation sweet and share a confirmation post by following their prompts.

  2. Begin tweeting!

    Reply, quote, or tweet by tagging @tipcoineth and mentioning $tip or #tip.  You will then automatically be awarded points!

  3. Claim points

    Your points and $tip allocation will be calculated after each epoch. To claim your earned $tip, go to the “Claim” tab on the top of the page.

How are Tipcoin points calculated?

Different interactions on Twitter give you differing amounts of points. Here’s how Tipcoin points are calculated:

  1. 1 point per view;
  2. 100 points per like;
  3. 250 points per reply;
  4. 500 points per quote; and
  5. 1,000 points per retweet.

Also, here are the actions which will give you multipliers on points:

  1. original tweet- 30x point multiplier;
  2. tipped quote- 10x point multiplier;
  3. tipped reply- 1x point multiplier; and
  4. replied kickbacks- 1/10 points per tip.

However, the Tipcoin team have hinted there may be additional multipliers during claim.

Tip Coin $tip point calculator

How to get maximum $tip: Strategy guide

Here are some strategies to get maximum Tipcoin $tip:

  1. Focus on original tweets if you have a larger Twitter account. You can only get points on 5 original tweets per day, with a maximum of 18 million points per tweet!
  2. Tip quotes is a good strategy for smaller accounts. You can get points for 10 quote tweets daily, with each quote tweet potentially earning a maximum of 1 million points. This is because quoting others’ tweets whilst mentioning $tip, #tip and @tipcoineth gives a point multiplier of 10x. So, quote others’ tweets in the hopes they will quote you in return. So, follow us on Twitter and we can $tip you too!
  3. Tipped replies. Replying to others’ tweets with $tip, #tip and @tipcoineth can get you 25,000 points for 15 replies every day. Tipped replies however only offers a multiplier of 1x, so whilst it is better than nothing, the strategies in 1 and 2 above are better if you have less time.
  4. Replied kickbacks. This requires your Twitter account to be verified (i.e., blue tick). Tipcoin kickbacks means you earn points for receiving $tip and @tipcoineth replies from others. However, the multiplier is only 1/10, but with no daily upper limit.

Where can I trade Tipcoin $tip?

You can trade Tipcoin $tip on Uniswap, LBank, Bitget, BingX and MEXC. We expect more exchanges to offer trading in $tip soon as its popularity increases!


Tipcoin allows users to reward each other on Twitter with simple tweets. Use the @tipcoineth handle and the $tip, #tip symbol to earn points which can be exchanged for Tipcoin $tip tokens. With our guides and strategies, you can earn the maximum number of points and get more $tip! Good luck and support us by following us on Twitter so we can $tip you too!

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