$POST strategy guide: How to get maximum points? is a next generation Web3 social network built on Arbitrum. allows you to earn points and tokens simply by using and posting on or Twitter (X). Here’s our secret strategy guide on how to get maximum points and $POST tokens!

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What is

Post.Tech is a social media platform that operates similarly to its predecessor, Friend.Tech. It offers token-gated channels where users can buy and sell access tokens. charges a 10% fee on transactions, which is split evenly between the app and the channel’s owner. The Post.Tech platform has been gaining huge popularity recently, and on 20th September 2023 recorded $875,000 in transaction volume and trading volume exceeding $1.81 million in 24 hours. $POST profile

How does work?

Posting or engaging on either the or Twitter (X) platforms gives you rewards. On, users will need to create posts and engage with the community. Meanwhile, on Twitter (X), users will need to create tweets or reply mentioning @PostTechSoFi and $post in order to earn points. At the end of each epoch (i.e. week), will calculate the number of points earned which can be redeemed for’s tokens after the airdrop campaign ends. Users will be able to claim their tokens then.

Will there be a $POST token airdrop? have confirmed on their website they will be doing an a $POST token airdrop. To get a Post-tech airdrop, all you need to do is post and engage with the community on or Twitter (X).

How to use

Here’s how to set up, use and start earning $POST points and tokens.

  1. Set up account

    Go to and link up your Twitter (X) account.

  2. Start posting and engaging with the community

    Posts and engagement on both Twitter (X) and give you points, with the latter platform giving you more points. But remember, if you post on Twitter (X), you need to mention @PostTechSoFi and $POST in order to earn points.

  3. Buy and sell profiles

    To buy and sell profiles, you will need to deposit at least 0.001 ETH. The advantages of doing this are that you will earn 5% in trading fees when your profile’s shares a traded. You will also increase your reputation on the platform, which can lead to extra rewards. You can see the number of points awarded for each post/interaction here.

  4. Claim $POST tokens

    At the end of each epoch (i.e. 1 week), will finalise your point count. And after the end of the airdrop campaign, will tally up all your points and determine your $POST token entitlement.

How are points calculated?

Different interactions on Twitter (X) and give you differing amounts of points. Here’s how the Twitter (X) and points are calculated:

Points for posting on

Here’s how points are calculated for posting on

  • Posts: Up to 10k points (5 posts/day)
  • Replies: Up to 5k points (25 times/day)
  • Invite friends: 30k points (unlimited)
  • Profile shares (i.e. profile sales on 150k – 15M points
  • Shares holding (i.e. purchasing and holding shares on 200k – 15M points
  • Buy/Sell shares (i.e. profile trading on 30k points (unlimited)

Points for posting on Twitter (X)

Here’s how points are calculated for posting on Twitter (X). Note that each tweet or reply must mention @PostTechSoFi and $POST in order to qualify:

  • Original tweet: Up to 15k points (5 tweets/day)
  • Tweet replies: Up to 7.5k points (25 replies/day)

How to get maximum $POST points: Strategy guide

Here are some strategies to get maximum $POST points:

  • Profile trading: Buy and sell newer/cheaper profiles faster to earn more points on profile trading. Remember, there’s no limit on the number of points you can earn through profile trading!
  • Only hodl “good” profiles i.e those with high engagement posts.
  • On smaller or Twitter (X) accounts, reply to original posts with @PostTechSoFi and $POST. This is so they may also reply to your posts and you can win together!
  • Focus on posting on Whilst you get fewer points for posting on, the engagement will be very high since everyone who is on is in it for the points. It is also a good place to make friends to exchange engagement.

Where can I trade $POST tokens? $POST tokens have not officially launched yet, so they are not tradable on any exchange. They are likely to launch once their airdrop campaign ends.

Conclusion is a Web3 social network that rewards users for posting and engaging on its own platform or on Twitter (X). Users can earn points and tokens by creating content, interacting with others, and trading profiles. also offers token-gated channels where users can access exclusive content and communities. is currently running an airdrop campaign where users can claim $POST tokens based on their points. With our guide and strategies, you can earn the maximum number of points and $POST tokens! Good luck and show your support by following us on Twitter!

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