Flare Launches Layer-1 Oracle Network with FLR Token Airdrop

Flare, a new layer-1 Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchain has gone live with the launch of two core protocols as well as its FLR token airdrop. All existing XRP holders from participating crypto exchanges including Binance, Bybit, Kraken, and OKX have been distributed FLR tokens. The airdrop marks one of the largest token distributions in crypto history, with over a million users receiving 4.279 billion FLR tokens.

Source: Twitter (Flare Community)

Flare FLR Token Airdrop Details

The initial airdrop began at 23:59 UTC on January 9, representing 15% of the FLR’s total token distribution. The remaining 85% of tokens will be distributed over the next 36 months according to the community vote on Flare Improvement Proposal 01 (FIP.01). If passed, the proposal would place a hard cap on FLR’s annual inflation at 5 billion tokens per annum.

Over 4.28 billion Flare ($FLR) tokens were airdropped to XRP holders holding at least 1 XRP based on a snapshot taken in December 2020. FLR tokens were distributed at 1:1, meaning that XRP holders received 1 FLR for every 1 XRP held.

Fortunately, Celsius Network (which is now bankrupt) obtained Court approval for XRP token holders to also receive the Flare ($FLR) token airdrop.

What is Flare Network?

The Flare network serves as an oracle network that allows developers to build apps that are interoperable with the internet and other blockchains. It leverages two interoperable protocols to power its application-building suite: the State Connector and the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO).

  • State Connector

According to their white paper, the State Connector protocol enables smart contracts to interact securely with information and data from other blockchains and internet sources. This function offers powerful data to the network in a decentralized manner on-chain, facilitating the development of cross-chain solutions.

  • Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO)

The Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) provides prices and data series to DApps running on the layer-1 blockchain without relying on centralized data providers. It is essentially a decentralized data feed oracle that sources data from many independent data providers. In conjunction with the State Connector, it provides inputs for DeFi platforms as DApps can access timely information across different blockchains easily.

Key Takeaway

Flare initiated its token airdrop on Jan. 9, with 4.27 billion FLR tokens distributed to millions of existing XRP holders across various cryptocurrency exchanges including Bybit, Binance, Kraken, and OKX.

The initial token distribution released 15 percent of the full public token allocation, with the remainder set to be released monthly over 36 months. The allocation method for the remaining token supply will be settled by a community vote through the Flare Improvement Proposal 01 (FIP.01).

Flare Network is a layer-1 EVM blockchain that serves as an oracle network to provide developers a platform to build interoperable DApps such as DeFi solutions.

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