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To really be an experienced trader, research is crucial. However, information and resources on cryptocurrency can be as decentralized as the coin or token itself.

Therefore, we have prepared in-depth guides based on specific cryptocurrencies and tokens, from information about its technologies, to its utilities and innovations. We provide a one stop location for all your burning questions such as “What is this coin used for?” and “What makes this token so special?” Having gone through numerous project whitepapers and websites, we find that many use a lot of technical jargon and hence make it difficult to understand for the average user. Therefore, we strive to make our guides simplified for everyday readers who do not have the technical knowledge that the projects do, so that they can use Boxmining.com as a trusted resource for cryptocurrency users to make informed and well-researched decisions.

Developing story: OKEx suspends withdrawals…but is there more to this?

What happened? On 16th October 2020 OKEx suddenly announced that one of their private key holders (later confirmed to be Star Xu, OK Group’s CEO...

Diem ($DIEM) – Facebook’s Libra 2.0

What is Diem? Diem is a decentralized stablecoin powered by the Libra blockchain. Facebook unveiled Libra in 2019 with a vision of being a stablecoin...

Collateral Pay ($COLL) ($COLLG): Payment gateway on Polkadot

Collateral Pay is a decentralized payment system that merges decentralised finance (DeFi) with Traditional Finance (TradFi), enabling users to store, stake, loan, save, and...
Ethereum 2.0

Ethereum 2.0 – Here’s what you NEED to know

Ethereum 2.0 (Formerly known as ETH2) is a series of upgrades to the Ethereum Blockchain which will improve its speed, efficiency, and scalability. This...

DCEP: China’s National Digital Currency Overview

What is DCEP? China's national digital currency DCEP (Digital Currency Electronic Payment, DC/EP) will be built with Blockchain and Cryptographic technology. This revolutionary cryptocurrency could...

Dotmoovs ($MOOV): Competitive Sports in the Metaverse

Blockchain and play-to-earn games are rapidly becoming some of the most lucrative aspects of the crypto world. Players of these games get rewarded for...