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Make sense of the news and how it affects the blockchain space as a whole. Crypto trends is a collection of relevant news and insights to help you make an informed decision.

KingsCrown: Crypto Legend Speaks out

KingsCrown is legendary in the cryptocurrency space - starting in 2010 and constantly contributing to the space since. Recently he launched the...

Enjincraft Review: A new way to play Minecraft

EnjinCraft - Enjin Brings Blockchain economies to Minecraft This review is in currently in progress. Enjincraft is still...
Harmony Logo

Harmony Protocol (ONE): Everything you NEED to know

The Harmony (ONE) protocol takes on the challenge of scaling blockchain without sacrificing decentralization. This has been...

Binance Chain Guide

*Update: Added information about Binance Chain Memos and new withdraw panel Binance just launched the Mainnet for Binance Chain...

Bitfinex News: What’s Happening at Bitfinex? (Updated 19 May 2019)

Bitfinex Bitfinex Legal Troubles Bitfinex has been in some trouble since 24 April 2019 when...

VeChain ToolChain: Blockchain secured anti-counterfeit for everyone

VeChain ToolChain could bring blockchain technology to the masses. Toolchain allows anyone to use the power of...

Consensus 2019 – Key Announcements

The cryptocurrency space is having the biggest conference week of this year featuring long term staples like Consensus, Ethereal and new comer...

Binance Hacked for $41,000,00 USD – are Funds Safe?

An unknown group of Hackers stole more than 7000 BTC ($41,000,000 USD*) from Binance, the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange. Binance reported that...

Secrets of “Darkpools” and unreported trade volume and Bitcoin OTC

In Crypto, not all trade volumes are visible - in fact "Darkpools" account for a huge amount of crypto trading and has...

Enjin Wallet becomes first wallet to offer full Binance Chain & all BEP-2 Tokens

Enjin Wallet just added full native support for the Binance Chain and all BEP-2 (Mithril, ChangeNow) based assets. This means all Binance...

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