MON Protocol ($MON) token airdrop guide

MON Protocol allows users to bring their favourite games and characters on chain. MON Protocol have confirmed they will be airdropping 30% of their total $MON token supply to quest participants. With notable backers such as Animoca Brands and Merit Circle, MON Protocol has the potential to be as massive as Pixels ($PIXEL)! Here is our MON Protocol ($MON) token airdrop guide.

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What is MON Protocol?

MON Protocol aims to be the future of IP governance. In particular, their goal is to bring games and gaming characters on-chain. The project will be launching later this year in partnership with Pixelmon. MON Protocol has a strong lineup of backers including Animoca Ventures, Delphi Ventures, Spartan, Merit Cricle and many others. As a result, many consider MON Protocol to have the potential to be as massive as Pixels ($PIXEL).

What is the MON Protocol ($MON) token?

The $MON token is the native token of MON Protocol. It will be issued as an ERC-20 token and at TGE, 1 billion $MON will be created. The $MON token will have the following uses:

  • $MON will be used as the preferred gaming currency for all Pixelmon games, as well as in-game player and tournament rewards;
  • Fractionized IP for licensing flows;
  • Airdrop and mission rewards;
  • IP and ecosystem fund governance;
  • launching blockchain native IPs; and
  • creator grants.
MON Protocol $MON token uses

Will MON Protocol do a $MON token airdrop?

MON Protocol have essentially confirmed they will do a token airdrop in their tokenomics. The team have confirmed they will be allocating 30% of their total token supply towards their Community Claim program. In MON Protocol’s Community Claim program, 5% of the total $MON token supply will be claimable at their TGE by members of the Pixelmon Community. The airdrop mechanics will be calculated based on NFT rarity, badges, and relics obtained in their Party Quests. The remaining 25% of the total $MON supply will be vested over a 30-month period with an initial cliff decided by the MON Protocol team. The vesting will be non-linear and adjusted by the team over time.

How to get the MON Protocol ($MON) token airdrop?

Time needed: 20 minutes

Here’s how to get the MON Protocol ($MON) token airdrop.

  1. Connect to MON Missions

    Connect your Twitter account to You will earn 200 points for doing this. Then, enter our referral code RonBoxmining for an extra 200 points!

  2. Complete daily spin

    Click “SPIN” every day and stand a chance to earn more points!

  3. Complete missions

    Complete the tasks such as interacting with the specified posts and linking your EVM wallet within the given time. Make sure to complete any daily tasks for additional points. You can earn 12,000 points for completing these missions.

  4. Invite users to join MON Protocol

    Share your referral link with others to earn more points.

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