Kryptonite ($SEI, $SEILOR) double token airdrop guide

Kryptonite is the largest liquid staking protocol in the Sei ecosystem, and they are currently running a series of airdrop campaigns. Participants can potentially win both $SEI tokens and Kyrptonite’s native token $SEILOR. This is our Kryptonite ($SEI, $SEILOR) double token airdrop guide.

Check out our Kryptonite airdrop video guide!

What is Kryptonite?

Kryptonite is a decentralized automated market maker (AMM) and staking protocol built on the Sei Network. It serves as a crucial component within the Sei ecosystem, offering several features:

  1. Liquid Staking: Kryptonite enables SEI liquid staking, allowing users to stake their SEI tokens while maintaining the flexibility to exit, leverage, or transfer their positions at any time.
  2. Capital Efficiency: By working with any bAssets on the Cosmos blockchain and beyond, Kryptonite aims to bring capital efficiency to the Sei Network. It acts as a de facto bond market, enhancing the overall efficiency of the network.
  3. SEILOR Token: Kryptonite is launching the $SEILOR token, which plays a pivotal role in the Sei DeFi ecosystem. As the first mover in building Sei DeFi, Kryptonite provides a necessary protocol for every SEI user.

What is the $SEILOR token?

$SEILOR is the native token of Kryptonite. The purpose of the $SEILOR token is to facilitate SEI liquid staking, allowing users to stake their SEI tokens while maintaining flexibility in managing their positions. According to their tokenomics, 35% of their tokens are allocated towards community rewards, which could include airdrops. In particular, 28.6% of the $SEILOR tokens are still locked for distribution until May 2026. This means there are many more potential airdrop opportunities to come!

How to get the Kryptonite token airdrop?

Time needed: 45 minutes

Here’s our guide on how to get the Kryptonite double token airdrop. What you will need to do is to collect The Perfect Trifecta i.e. Seiman NFT, Kryptonite Medal and a completed Dragon Card.

  1. Get Seiman NFT

    The Seiman NFTs have already been minted out. However, you can still buy them on the secondary market such as Pallet Exchange. Seiman NFTs cost around 70 $SEI i.e. around US$62.86.

  2. Collect Kryptonite Medal

    To collect the Kryptonite Medal, go to and complete the social tasks. Then, connect your Keplr wallet and mint the OAT.

  3. LIMITED TIME ONLY: Get Dragon Card Mystery Box

    This ends in 15 days! Connect your Keplr wallet to, making sure that you are on the Sei network. There, buy a Dragon Card Mystery Box for 10 $SEILOR each and open them. Note, to get $SEILOR, you will need to go to Astroport and swap $SEI for $SEILOR.

    One strategy is to open 10 boxes at a time because each box contains a dragon card piece. You will need to collect all 6 dragon card pieces in order to build the ultimate dragon card. For reference, we opened 40 boxes in order to collect the 6 pieces, costing us a total of 400 $SEILOR (around US$33.14). However, how much you ultimately spend will depend on luck, and there are some people on Discord who have said they spent around US$100 before they got all the pieces.

Collect 6 dragon card pieces on Kryptonite
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