ConsenSys Free NFT Airdrop Guide: CLAIM NOW!

ConsenSys is celebrating the upcoming Ethereum Shanghai/Capella upgrade with the launch of a new NFT collection called “Ethereum, Evolved: Shanghai”. The NFT claim period begins on April 12, 2023, at 9pm EST and lasts for 72 hours. If you have a MetaMask wallet, you can mint the open edition for free (excluding gas fee). So act fast to claim your piece of Web3 history!

Learn more about the Ethereum Shanghai (Shapella) upgrade and the road toward Ethereum 2.0 here.

ConsenSys Free NFT Claim Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s how to claim the free ConsenSys NFT:

  1. Visit the “Ethereum, Evolved: Shanghai” NFT Minting Page
  2. Connect Your MetaMask Wallet
  3. Mint and Claim NFT
  4. View NFT on MetaMask Portfolio

See below for more in-depth details!

About ConsenSys

ConsenSys is a leading blockchain technology company that focuses primarily on the Ethereum ecosystem. Joseph Lubin, an Ethereum co-founder, established it in 2014. The company aims to drive decentralized applications (dApps) and infrastructure adoption on Ethereum. It provides tools, products, and services like MetaMask and Infura to help developers, businesses, and individuals build next-gen applications and access decentralized web technologies.

ConsenSys is also a founding member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). This global organization consists of various businesses, startups, research institutions, and Ethereum experts. Launched in 2017, the EEA’s primary goal is to develop open, blockchain-based standards and promote Ethereum adoption in enterprises. Through member collaboration, the EEA seeks to create best practices, architectural guidelines, and industry-specific use cases. This approach helps integrate Ethereum into the business world more effectively and securely.

About the Ethereum Shanghai/Capella Upgrade

The Shanghai/Capella upgrade is a technological milestone in the history of blockchain that will enable users to withdraw staked Ethereum assets. The upgrade is expected to have significant improvements for stakers, the Ethereum staking ecosystem, and DeFi, reducing liquidity risk and inspiring confidence in liquid staking protocols.

The upgrade will also enable Staking withdrawals, increasing the portability of stake and driving further innovation in the staking sector. Stakers will be able to evaluate different offerings based on factors such as rewards maximization, validator performance, simplicity of the user experience, and fees, and will play a critical role in preserving Ethereum’s values.

Our previous article, ‘Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade: Liquid Staking Derivatives are Coming,’ delves into the subject in depth.

How to Claim the Free ConsenSys NFT Airdrop?

You can claim your free NFT at the ConsenSys minting page. The claim window will be open for 72 hours starting from 9pm EST on April 12, 2023. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the “Ethereum, Evolved: Shanghai” NFT Minting Page

    Go to the “Ethereum, Evolved: Shanghai” NFT minting page, which is powered by ConsenSys.

  2. Connect Your MetaMask Wallet

    In order to mint the NFT, you will need to connect your MetaMask wallet. The network is on the Ethereum mainnet.

  3. Mint and Claim NFT

    Click the “Claim Your NFT” button, confirm your MetaMask address, and you will have minted yourself an NFT! The mint itself is free, but you will need some ETH to cover gas fees. You can also choose to mint again, but be careful of the gas fee.

    Keep in mind that the Ethereum network may get busier at times, as more people are rushing to mint the NFT. Gas fees can get higher when the network is congested.

  4. View NFT on MetaMask Portfolio

    Once you claimed your NFT, you can see it in your MetaMask Portfolio under the NFTs tab. You can also trade it on OpenSea.