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The Coin Guide is a concise summary of the aims and technology behind a certain cryptocurrency (altcoins). Insight is crucial in this field. Many projects disguise their progress through complicated jargon, making it hard to distinguish those who are building something meaningful from those who are not. 

Newly Updated Coin Guides:

Enjin (ENJ) - Revolutionizing gaming through Blockchain

Vechain (VET) - Next Generation Smart Contract platform for enterprise

Mithril (MITH) - Social media powered by Cryptocurrency

Cardano (ADA) - The formally verifiable smart contract platform

Elastos (ELA) - Decentralized Operating System (OS)

Thundercore(TT) - Breakthrough Scaling and responsiveness for Ethereum Dapps

Harmony (ONE) - Extreme Layer one scaling with sharding and network optimizations.

Products before decentralization

Altcoin projects are about extending the use of blockchain into other fields in order to improve efficiency or productivity. The majority of projects here do not extend decentralization (even if they claim they do), and decentralization is not the main focus of their development teams. 

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