SAVAGE: World’s First Carbon-Neutral NFT Marketplace For Filmmakers & Photographers

SAVAGE is the world’s first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace for 8K video and photography, solving the technical and environmental limitations of current NFT platforms. This evolution opens the door for a new wave of creators to enter the space.

According to their CEO, Luke Neumann, SAVAGE will represent a paradigm shift in the way that professional content creators and photographers can monetize and share their work. They aim to disrupt the current stock image and video landscape, which doesn’t adequately reward creators. With a focus on carbon-neutrality, SAVAGE is looking for blockchains that focus on proof-of-stake consensus.

SAVAGE Solutions

The increasing popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has liberated artists by removing the necessity of using bloated legacy platforms and connecting creators directly with the customer. Yet until now, some artists have been left out in the cold. This is in large part due to the size requirements of their medium and the environmental concerns surrounding current NFT marketplaces.

Most phones are able to record high quality 4K and 8K videos, producing large file sizes and the current marketplaces cap their uploads around 10MB-40MB. Additionally, photographers wanting to sell the highest versions of their work (TIFF or RAW) have had to settle for compressed JPEGs.

SAVAGE will give creators the ability to share their work in whatever format they choose. Whether it’s the original RAW image or 4K/8K ProRes video, by increasing file size limits to 2GB, artists have the freedom to display their collections in unrivaled quality.

However, this is not the most critical issue that SAVAGE corrects.

Most of the popular NFT platforms operate on blockchains that use Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanisms and because of that, the energy consumption coming from them has exploded. Minting a single NFT typically requires the same amount of energy used to power a laptop continuously for three years.


By creating their own utility token ($SAVG) on Polygon’s Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol, SAVAGE requires only 0.002% of the energy compared to a PoW marketplace. This decision allows them to increase maximum file sizes, while keeping minting fees to a minimum. By building on Polygon, SAVAGE ensures total compatibility with Ethereum and a smooth transition to the ETH 2.0 protocol.

The SAVAGE Marketplace

SAVAGE has been built from the ground up as a content marketplace for today’s visual creators to sell their work responsibly.

The marketplace, focused primarily on photographers and videographers, provides a blockchain-powered alternative to sites like Shutterstock and Pixabay—platforms that don’t adequately serve the content creators. Images can be purchased using the platform’s native $SAVG token, which rewards content creators and keeps transaction costs low.

SAVAGE is building the platform initially on Polygon’s proof-of-stake protocol and also exploring other environmentally-friendly blockchains such as Cardano (ADA).

NFTs on SAVAGE are free to mint, and users can upload as much content as they wish, free of charge. Innovative features such as “Team NFT’s” and rights managed contracts will be built into the SAVAGE platform’s NFT metadata, giving visual artists the proper tools to sell their masterpieces, and protecting the rights of both buyers and artists.

Why are Carbon Neutral Platforms Important?

Carbon-neutral means any CO2 released from a company’s activity is balanced by an equivalent amount removed. Carbon-neutral platforms, especially in the blockchain and NFT industry are very important for several reasons.

Firstly, it is for adoption and scale. Creators ultimately need carbon-neutrality for the brands they work with. Many big-name professional creators, filmmakers, and brands who have desired to get into the NFT and crypto industry and share their best work have thus far been put off from being involved because of the stigma around NFTs’ massive energy consumption.

It’s time for the NFT community to actively become carbon-neutral and zero-emission if we want mass adoption and connections across brands and creators. Many top creators have brand deals with companies like National Geographic & Amazon, which would be revoked if minting on current NFT marketplaces due to social/brand pressure.

Compared to other NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, SAVAGE will consume far less energy, be carbon-neutral, and have a long-term goal of becoming carbon negative by 2024. 

Additionally, as part of SAVAGE’s partnership with Energy Web Token, a portion of each SAVAGE sale goes to purchase verified carbon offsets (carbon credits).

How do they plan to track and be held accountable to being carbon-neutral?

SAVAGE has partnered with the Crypto Climate Accord and built tools to measure every transaction on the marketplace to help decarbonize the industry in record time.

By partnering with Energy Web Token and by building on Polygon’s PoS protocol, SAVAGE will further their efforts to provide an environmentally friendly marketplace for creators of every skill level.

Lowest Fees & Most Competitive Creator Payout

There are millions of professional and everyday creators today monetizing their content — on everyday creative networks like YouTube, on legacy stock media platforms like Shutterstock and Getty Images, on NFT platforms like SuperRare and OpenSea, and across professional platforms like Vimeo.

Among all of these other creator media platforms, SAVAGE offers the most competitive marketplace with the lowest fees and highest payouts, allowing creators of all types to easily, fairly, and ethically monetize their content.

The biggest problem creators experience in monetizing their content using these platforms are the high fees and comparatively much lower creator payouts — these fees can be a mix of service fees to the platforms, or gas fees due to the blockchain network on which the NFT platform is running.

On NFT platforms like OpenSea, gas fees using Ethereum can often be in excess of $100 per transaction, and that’s before taking into account service fees OpenSea charges as a platform (2.5% compared to 2% at SAVAGE).

Fees on the NFT marketplace Foundation are much higher at 15% service fees for private sales, 10% of which are for royalties. Still, that is small compared to the fees many professional content creators — photographers and videographers — forfeit to stock media platforms such as Shutterstock, for which payouts to creators range from 15% to 40% max. For other leading legacy stock media platforms like Getty Images, the payout range is not much better at 25–40%.

In contrast, SAVAGE offers 98% creator payouts and only charges flat $10 minting fees which makes the marketplace accessible to all types of creators. SAVAGE aims to be well-positioned to meet the growing demand for fair and ethical compensation in the creator economy and to disrupt the legacy media industry while allowing creators to own and retain the rights to their content and receive the best-in-class user experience.

Creator payouts of 98% are truly an industry first. Even the top creators in years past have had to settle for sometimes as low as 30% payouts for their work. The SAVAGE team is proud to lead this charge of fair compensation for creators and meet the needs of the growing creator economy.

What are Hero Creators?

Hero Creators are some of the most passionate and eco-conscious professional creators and industry figures, pushing the limits of creative work with award-winning professional expertise in the industry and experience with top brands such as National Geographic, Disney, and more.

SAVAGE’s Hero Creators have dedicated their professional lives to capturing the beauty of our planet in uncharted areas around the world and have a deep desire for social and environmental change that make them want to support the SAVAGE mission.

For example, two Hero Creators, Jody MacDonald and Chad Copeland, are passionate about stepping off the beaten path to pursue creative storytelling and adventurous expeditions with their work, and support social change efforts to promote the preservation of the environment.

For these professional creators, SAVAGE represents not only a paradigm shift in a way that content creators of all types can monetize, share, and retain the rights to their best, highest quality work, but also contribute to the benefit of the environment and be able to participate in NFTs in many instances for the first time due to brand deals that otherwise would not allow them to do so.

$SAVG Token

There are several benefits to holding $SAVG, including actual utility as well as a path to being able to participate in DAO governance and have a direct say in the future of the SAVAGE platform.

  1. Staking $SAVG

By holding and staking $SAVG tokens, holders can not only earn more tokens but also support a sustainable, ethical and responsible eco-system built for creators, by creators. SAVAGE offers rewards for stakers, as well as entitling you to fee discounts on the platform.

  1. Participate in DAO governance

SAVAGE was built to solve the broken relationship in legacy stock photography and video sites where centralized platforms keep the vast majority of the sale price.

Leveraging cryptocurrency and the DAO structure is a perfect vehicle to achieve this.

That’s why SAVAGE’s goal is to completely transition to a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) governance structure and let $SAVG token holders control the platform’s future.

Every member of the community is valued and has a voice. Holders of $SAVG also have a vote, allowing them to play an active role in future governance decisions that steer and direct the platform’s future.

  1. Leverage the token utility

Unlike many tokens that are only for governance, the $SAVG token has real utility on the platform. Users who hold the $SAVG token can use it to mint NFTs on the platform and to buy digital assets. The $SAVG can also be traded on exchanges such as Quickswap.

  1. Earning $SAVG

In addition to purchasing $SAVG on cryptocurrency exchanges, you can also earn $SAVG through selling NFTs, and through staking and liquidity mining rewards.

  1. Participate in the opportunities within the creator and NFT industry

SAVAGE offers the most competitive marketplace with the lowest fees and highest payouts, allowing creators of all types — amateurs, professional filmmakers and photographers, and videographers — to easily, fairly, and ethically monetize their content.


The NFT cultural revolution has provided creators of all types the chance to get paid for their work, while collectors have been able to take advantage of the transparency of blockchain to obtain authenticity and a certificate of ownership into their purchases.

Since NFTs are community-driven, can be scarce, and encourage exclusivity in groups, they have culturally served as a vehicle for status displays on the internet, especially where users spend a large time in online communities, such as Twitter, Discord, and Instagram.

Entire communities have sprung up around NFTs, made up of artists and creators who feel empowered by the possibility of their creations independently supporting themselves, and SAVAGE is proud to be a part of this change by making it even more equitable for all creators, as well as more environmentally-friendly and cheaper to transact on an NFT marketplace.

Other than its eco-friendliness, the platform is also the first community-driven and Hollywood-focused NFT marketplace on the Polygon proof-of-stake protocol. SAVAGE has been developed by a team of crypto and blockchain experts, entrepreneurs, and advisors with wide-ranging backgrounds having worked for National Geographic, Tesla, Amazon, Samsung, and Microsoft. SAVAGE is also backed by renowned creatives and leading venture capitalists, such as Faculty Group. All these features make SAVAGE well poised to bring shock waves in the stock footage industry, making it a monetizing place for a possible 7 billion creators.

Having reinforced its reputation of producing captivating content for top brands globally, SAVAGE could easily be the next-gen media and content marketplace. 


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