Myria Token and NFT Airdrop: The Complete Guide

Myria is a decentralized Ethereum layer-2 platform powered by StarkWare, designed to scale digital assets, NFTs, and blockchain gaming. Their mainnet is already live, and their token is expected to launch soon. In this article, we will explain what Myria is and how you can position yourself for all these airdrop rewards.

Myria Airdrop Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get a potential Myria token airdrop:

  1. Create a Wallet
  2. Deposit Some ETH into your Wallet
  3. Buy NFTs on the Marketplace
  4. Run a Node

See below for more details.

What is Myria?

Myria is a layer-2 platform designed to address the challenges faced by the Ethereum network, such as low throughput rate and slow transaction confirmation. Developed in partnership with StarkWare, Myria leverages Zero-Knowledge Rollup (ZK-Rollup) technology to provide scalable and secure transactions with 0 gas fees when minting and trading NFTs.

Blockchain Gaming and NFT Ecosystem

The Myria ecosystem includes their browser built-in Myria Wallet, NFT Marketplace, a player-focused gaming studio, and a decentralized NFT and blockchain solutions platform. The platform offers developers a suite of tools, including APIs, SDKs, and a Domain Specific Language (DSL), to simplify blockchain interactions and help them launch their projects in a matter of hours. Additionally, Myria is committed to regulatory compliance and provides a fully compliant platform for its trusted partners. The comapny is aimed at NFT users and gamers, providing a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet and a dedicated Web3 marketplace to trade digital assets and collectibles.

Who is the Team behind Myria?

Myria has a large team of 100+ people who are experts in many different fields such as blockchain development, engineering, game design and digital art. Co-founder and CTO Andrew Silber is a gaming veteran, having worked for some of the biggest names in the industry including Activision, Electronic Arts, 2K, Ubisoft, and Sony.

Does Myria have a Token?

Yes, Myria plans to launch an ERC-20 utility token called MYRIA. The token is used for conducting transactions on the layer-2 scaling protocol and provides extra benefits within selected video games. It will be given to gamers, node operators, and other members of the ecosystem, forming a self-sustaining economy among users to boost the growth of the ecosystem.

How to Receive Potential Myria Airdrop?

Time needed: 15 minutes

The best chance to receive MYRIA airdrop is to create transactions on Myria L2, hold an NFT, and run a node. Completing these steps puts you in a great position to be eligible for an airdrop. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Create a Wallet

    You can connect your MetaMask wallet on to create a wallet. Be sure to read the terms & conditions and privacy policy before you click the “Sign” button. Additionally, you can choose to add an email address to your new account to receive transaction notifications.

  2. Deposit Some ETH into your Wallet

    Deposit as little as $2 worth of ETH from the mainnet to be included in the snapshot.

  3. Buy NFTs on the Marketplace

    Once you have some ETH in your wallet, you can buy some NFTs in their marketplace. Don’t worry, most of these NFTs are very cheap. From here, you can choose to trade or hold them.

  4. Run a Node

    You can run a node and earn free tokens and NFT rewards. 36% of their token supply is allocated to node emission. However, there will only ever be 40,000 nodes, and you will have to purchase them at