Hyperlane token airdrop guide

Hyperlane is a universal, permissionless interoperability layer designed for the modular blockchain stack, enabling seamless communication and customizable security across different blockchain environments. They have recently raised US$18.5 million with a US$74 million valuation and there are rumours they will do a token airdrop. Here is our Hyperlane token airdrop guide.

What is Hyperlane?

Hyperlane is a universal interoperability layer designed for modular blockchain stacks. Here are Hyperlane’s main features:

  • Permissionless Deployment: It can be deployed by anyone to any blockchain environment, including layer 1, rollups, or app-chains.
  • Interchain Communication: Enables seamless communication between chains where Hyperlane is deployed.
  • Modularity: Offers interchain security modules that developers can configure for their application’s security needs.
  • Interchain Applications: Supports the creation of apps that operate across multiple blockchains, with pre-built examples like Warp Routes and Interchain accounts.

How to get the Hyperlane token airdrop?

Time needed: 1 hour

Here’s how to get the potential Hyperlane token airdrop?

  1. Go to Merkly

    Go to https://minter.merkly.com/hyperlane.

  2. Bridge and mint NFTs on Merkly

    On Merkly, follow the steps to bridge and mint NFTs. Note you would want to avoid using Ethereum as a bridge because of the high gas fees. Some destination blockchains with low gas fees include Gnosis, Celo and Moonbeam.

  3. Get Celestia tokens ($TIA)

    Get Celestia ($TIA) tokens via swaps or from a centralised exchange such as Bybit or BingX. Note this will involve using real funds. Fund your Keplr wallet with Celestia ($TIA) tokens.

    Sign up for Bybit or BingX to enjoy extra benefits!

  4. Connect wallet to Hyperlane NEXUS

    Connect your Metamask and Keplr wallets to https://www.usenexus.org/

  5. Bridge Celestia ($TIA) tokens to Arbitrum

    Select Celestia as the “From” chain and Arbitrum as the “To” chain. Then bridge your Celestia ($TIA) tokens.

  6. Bridge Celestia ($TIA) tokens to Neutron

    Select Arbitrum as the “From” chain and Neutron as the “To” chain. Then bridge your Celestia ($TIA.n) tokens.

  7. Bridge Celestia ($TIA) tokens to Manta

    Select Neutron as the “From” chain and Manta as the “To” chain. Then bridge your Celestia ($TIA.n) tokens.

  8. Swap to Renzo staked ETH ($ezETH)

    Go to supported exchanges such as Balancer, Uniswap or Pancakeswap to swap your ETH or other tokens to Renzo staked ETH ($ezETH).

  9. Use Renzo Protocol with Hyperlane

    Connect your wallet to https://renzo.hyperlane.xyz/ and bridge your $ezETH tokens to Arbitrum or other blockchains. Repeat this process every few days.

  10. Add Celestia ($TIA.n) liquidity on Arbitrum

    Connect your wallet to https://traderjoexyz.com/arbitrum/trade and select the Arbitrum network on the top right-hand corner. Swap some tokens to bridged TIA ($TIA.n) tokens.

  11. Add liquidity to TIA.n/ETH pool

    Go to the “Pool” tab on the top left-hand corner. Click on the TIA.n/ETH pool and add around US$10-$20 worth of liquidity.

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