Hinman documents: Everything you need to know

The Hinman documents are a collection of internal SEC messages concerning a speech given by former SEC Director William Hinman in 2018. These documents have been at the center of attention in the ongoing SEC v. Ripple lawsuit. In this article, we will explore the Hinman documents, their expected unsealing date, and their potential impact on the crypto market and XRP holders. We will also discuss why these documents are important for both the SEC v. Ripple case and the crypto industry as a whole.

What are the Hinman documents?

The Hinman documents relate to internal SEC messages concerning a speech given by former SEC Director William Hinman in 2018. In that speech, Hinman stated that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum may initially be classified as securities. But, as they become more decentralized, can transition into something more similar to a commodity.

Ripple requested these documents in discovery during their lawsuit with the SEC and received them on 21st October 2022. The SEC attempted to keep the documents sealed by claiming that they were not relevant to the case. However, on 16th May 2023, Judge Torres denied the SEC’s motion to seal and ruled that the documents were subject to public access.

When will the Hinman Speech Documents be unsealed?

The Hinman documents are expected to be unsealed on 13th June 2023.

What can we expect from the Hinman documents?

We can expect to see emails and comments made by Hinman, Valerie Szczepanik and SEC staff in relation to Hinman’s speech, as well as drafts of the speech itself. These documents will only have limited redactions.

Would the Hinman documents refer to the XRP token?

The Hinman documents may mention XRP because the SEC enforcement team was dealing with XRP in other matters around the same time Hinman’s speech was being drafted and commented on. Additionally, XRP ranked 2 or 3 in market capitalization following Bitcoin and Ethereum at that time. (Phentermine) So, XRP was definitely in the forefront of the SEC’s minds at the material time.

Why are the Hinman documents important for crypto?

The Hinman documents are important for the crypto industry because they talk about how cryptocurrencies could transition from securities to commodities. This means that the legal status of cryptocurrencies could change over time as they become more decentralized. This will have a significant impact on the future of cryptocurrency regulations. The outcome of the SEC’s case against Ripple could also set a legal precedent. This would in turn affect the entire crypto industry.

Why are the Hinman documents important to the SEC v. Ripple case?

The Hinman documents are important to the SEC v. Ripple case. Including all current and potential enforcement actions by the SEC against other crypto projects, exchanges, companies, and tokens. This is because the documents may contain comments suggesting that XRP does not satisfy all elements of the Howie Test. This implies that it is not a security for purposes of the Federal Securities Laws.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse is anticipating the release of these documents, saying that they will be “well worth the wait”. This suggests Ripple expects the documents to contain information favouring Ripple and their contentions that XRP is not a security.

Predictions on the likely outcome of the SEC vs Ripple lawsuit?

There are predictions that there will be a 25% chance that Ripple will see an outright victory in the SEC vs Ripple lawsuit. Versus a 5% chance of an outright win by the SEC.

What is the potential impact of the Hinman documents on the crypto market and XRP holders?

The release of the Hinman documents could shed light on the SEC’s views on crypto. Especially as the SEC pursues its case against Ripple. The entire crypto industry is closely watching the case over whether XRP is a security. This is because it could set a legal precedent which would affect the entire industry. This ruling could also affect Ripple’s fair notice defense and the court could issue a summary judgment ruling soon. Some suggest that the court may even announce it before 30th September 2023. Therefore, the release of the Hinman documents could have an impact on the crypto market and XRP holders.

Lawyer John Deaton is positive that the SEC vs Ripple lawsuit will be in Ripple’s favour. He also predicts that in such case, the prices of the XRP token may go up from US$2 to $10. As at 13th June 2023, the price of XRP is US$0.52.

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