Adobe Enhances Photoshop with Generative AI Capability

Adobe has announced the integration of generative AI into Photoshop, making it easier for users to create images from text prompts with the help of AI technology.

Adobe announced on Tuesday morning that it will integrate generative AI into its popular Photoshop editing software, making the application more accessible to untrained users. The new AI tools in Photoshop will function similarly to other tools like Midjourney and DALL-E, enabling users to create images from text prompts.

Speeding Up Editing with Photoshop’s AI Tools

Since its launch in 1987, Photoshop has become a software standard in various creative industries. Photoshop, renowned for its photo editing and graphic design capabilities, has been known for its learning curve and required expertise.

Maria Yap, Adobe’s Vice President of Digital Imaging, demonstrated how Photoshop’s new AI tools can significantly speed up editing. Yap seamlessly incorporates a dog’s portrait into an expanded background with a simple prompt “Spring trees with sunshine”. Users can now complete the previously time-consuming process within minutes, instead of hours.

Concerns in Generative AI

David Wadhwani, President of Digital Media at Adobe, sees AI integration in Photoshop empowering creators for quality content. Wadhwani predicts that this development will transform the industry, enabling more content creators and monetization opportunities. However, the introduction of generative AI, which encompasses the ability to create text, images, and video, has raised concerns about its potential impact on numerous jobs, potentially affecting thousands or even millions of people.

Adobe is incorporating safeguards in the new version of Photoshop to promote transparency and trust in images. Content Credentials is an open-source tool that allows creators to attach labels to the image metadata, verifying AI alterations. This effort is part of the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), a coalition of over 1,000 companies, including Adobe, Microsoft, Stability AI, Synthesia, and other AI and tech leaders, aiming to create more transparency and trust in online photos and videos. Adobe launched the CAI in 2019.

Maintaining the Importance of Artistry in High-End Tasks

Adobe is addressing ethical and legal concerns by training its AI on licensed stock imagery and compensating contributing artists. Unlike other AI art companies that faced lawsuits for using unauthorized images, this approach is different.

Experts worry that the widespread availability of Photoshop’s AI tools may exclude certain workers in creative agencies and brands. While high-end tasks will still require artistry, there is a risk of sidelining certain individuals. Creative agencies may opt to handle certain campaigns in-house, reducing reliance on external agencies.

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