Microsoft Unveils Latest AI-Powered Upgrades for Bing and Edge

Microsoft today announced a major expansion of its AI-based search tools, introducing new features such as visual and multimodal searches, as well as persistent chat tools, to significantly enhance the capabilities of Bing and Edge.

Microsoft has announced a major expansion of its AI-based search tools, allowing users to access visual and multimodal searches, as well as persistent chat tools. After a limited preview over the last three months, the company is now moving Bing and Edge into an open preview, allowing anyone to test the new features by signing in with a Microsoft account. This expansion of AI search tools provides users with a more comprehensive search experience, allowing them to access a range of features that can help them find the information they need quickly and easily.

Microsoft has launched a new version of its Bing search engine, featuring a visually rich, conversational experience. The new Bing is now more quickly accessible to anyone who wants to try it, and the company has received a high volume of feedback from users. Divya Kumar, Microsoft’s global head of marketing for search and AI, is excited to see the shift from a text-based experience to a visually rich, conversational experience in just 90 days. The new Bing is powered by AI and is designed to provide users with a more intuitive search experience. Microsoft hopes that the new Bing will help users find the information they need more quickly and easily.”

Bing Chat now boasts even greater potency

Bing search has seen a remarkable transformation since Microsoft integrated GPT-4 into its core functionality three months ago. This has resulted in Bing growing to exceed 100 million daily active users and a fourfold increase in daily installs of the Bing mobile app. Today’s update adds visual search features, such as the ability to search using images, and the ability to generate charts, graphs, and other visual answers.

Additionally, the Image Creation Tool, which allows users to generate images through conversational prompts, now supports more than 100 languages. Bing’s transformation has made it a viable competitor to Google, and its new features make it a great choice for users looking for a comprehensive search experience.

Bing Chat now allows you to preserve your chat history

Microsoft has rolled out an update to its Bing Chat feature that allows users to revisit and resume previous conversations. This new feature integrates chat history and persistent chats within the Edge browser, making search more relevant and convenient.

By keeping track of a person’s queries and responses, persistent chats can help users find relevant information faster, avoid repeating themselves, and follow up on topics of interest at a later date. This update also creates more natural and engaging interactions with AI assistants over long periods of time, as they can mimic the flow of a typical human conversation.

Third-party plugins are coming soon to Bing Chat

Microsoft has announced plans to open up Bing’s capabilities to third-party developers, allowing them to build features and plug-ins on top of the search platform. This will enable users to book reservations through OpenTable, get answers to complex questions through Wolfram Alpha, and access other applications without leaving the Bing experience.

The introduction of third-party plugins turns Bing into a platform, allowing developers to create applications that run within the Bing Chat web and mobile interface, similar to how apps are used on mobile phones. This will provide users with a more efficient and convenient way to access the services they need.

Microsoft Edge browser gets a major upgrade

Microsoft is releasing a redesigned version of its Edge browser, which integrates more deeply with Bing Chat. Users can now export and share conversations from Bing Chat, summarize long documents, and perform actions based on user requests. Export and share functionalities enable users to easily share their conversations with others on social media or continue iterating on a newly discovered idea.

Summarization capabilities help users consume dense online content more efficiently. Actions in Edge allow users to lean on AI to complete tasks with fewer steps. The new Edge will begin to roll out in the coming weeks for Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

Next-gen search technology and browsing experience

Microsoft has announced updates to its Edge and Bing services that showcase its expertise in artificial intelligence and cloud computing. These updates are part of Microsoft’s vision to make Edge and Bing the best tools for productivity and creativity.

The updates are powered by GPT-4 and Azure AI supercomputing and are designed to make chats more personalized by bringing context from previous conversations into new ones.

According to Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Search, Gurdeep Pall, the company has only scratched the surface of what AI can do to reduce barriers and help with human connection.”

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