Wormhole ($W) token airdrop guide

Wormhole is a communication protocol that allows different blockchains to send messages to each other, enabling the creation of cross-chain applications by developers. Meanwhile, Monad is one of the first projects to partner and integrate with Wormhole, so there may be a chance for a Monad airdrop too! Wormhole has finally launched its $W token staking platform and staking on the platform may potentially qualify you for future Wormhole token airdrops and a potential Monad token airdrop! Here is our Wormhole ($W) token airdrop guide.

Check out our step-by-step guide!

Stake Wormhole ($W) for Monad AIRDROP (Time Sensitive)

What is Wormhole ($W) and Monad?

Wormhole is a basic system that helps different blockchains talk to each other. Here are some of Wormhole’s main features:

  • Message Passing Protocol: Wormhole is a generic protocol that facilitates communication between different blockchains, allowing them to interoperate.
  • Cross-Chain Applications: It enables the creation of cross-chain applications by developers, leveraging the strengths of multiple blockchain ecosystems.
  • Non-Blockchain Entity: Wormhole itself is not a blockchain; instead, it acts as a bridge for message passing between blockchains or rollups.
  • Ecosystem Support: The protocol supports a growing number of blockchains and encourages developers to join its ecosystem.

Meanwhile, Monad is one of the largest valuation projects so far in 2024 at 3 billion dollars. They are also one of the first projects to partner and integrate with Wormhole to provide day 1 cross-chain support. Therefore, Wormhole staking has the potential to be a core criterion for earning the Monad airdrop as well.

How to get the Wormhole ($W) token airdrop?

Here’s how to get the potential Wormhole ($W) token airdrop

  1. Connect to Wormhole

    Go to https://www.tally.xyz/gov/wormhole and connect your wallet.

  2. Start staking

    Click on “Stake for Governance” and “Start” to begin the staking process. Choose to either delegate to yourself or to other stakers. If you want to take an active part in governance, delegate to yourself; otherwise, select active institutions like BlockWorks Research. Then confirm and continue to the next step.

  3. Transfer from Solana

    You can skip this step if you have Wormhole ($W) tokens on a supported EVM network. This is because Wormhole $W is an SPL token on Solana. Therefore, in order to stake you will need to bridge it to an Ethereum layer 2 or Ethereum. However, you would want to avoid using Ethereum due to higher fees. Instead, opt for layer 2s like Base Mainnet (preferred), Arbitrum, or Optimism. To bridge, connect your Base Mainnet wallet and your Solana wallet and follow the steps to complete the bridging process. It should take about 2-3 minutes for the tokens to appear in your Base wallet on Metamask.

  4. Confirm staking (TIME SENSITIVE)

    Once the Wormhole ($W) token is in your Base wallet, confirm to stake for governance. Make sure you do this by 11:59pm UTC on 10th June 2024.

  5. Get at least 40 points on Nomis

    Nomis is a protocol that lets users establish and build their Web3 reputation. For the next steps, you will need at least 40 points on Nomis. This is to filter out Sybil farmers. To start getting points on Nomis, connect your wallet to https://nomis.cc/multichain and click “Get Score”.

  6. Mint score on Nomis

    To mint score on Nomis, click “Mint Score”. Note it costs 8 MATIC to mint your score.

  7. Get Steakorrr role

    Go to Wormhole’s Galxe Page and click on the “Steakorrr” task. You would potentially qualify for the Steakorrr Discord role if had completed step 4 by 11:59pm UTC on 10th June 2024. Note that this Discord role is also on a first come first served basis.

  8. Complete Galxe tasks

    Complete the other tasks on Wormhole’s Galxe Page, these include getting at least Level 1 on the Galxe Web3 Humanity Score and following Wormhole’s social media accounts.

  9. Participate in Wormhole’s Discord channel

    Wormhole’s Discord channel has a social credit system where you can earn roles through participation.

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