Trezor Model T Guide: How to Set Up a Trezor Model T

The Trezor Model T is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet created by SatoshiLabs Group. Released in March 2018 with the latest firmware update in April 2023, the wallet features a new operating system tagged Trezor Core. This enables faster development of features and smooth coin support. This article is a guide on how to set up your Trezor Model T.

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You can also set up your device with my step-by-step video below.

Check out our Trezor Model T Guide and review video!

Trezor Model T Packaging

This premium model costs 249 Euros (US$252). The Trezor Model T comes as a special kit, it contains the Trezor Model T device, magnetic dock, USB type C cable, stickers, user guide and recovery seed.

Trezor Model T kit

Trezor Model T Installation Guide

Installation is smooth with the aid of the user guide. Their website also has a web assistant to guide you through the installation steps.

Notably, you have to be careful in the entire process to avoid leaking your private keys and recovery phrase. Leaking your private keys or recovery phrase opens you to serious risk by hackers to steal your coins.

For complete security, ensure the area where you are setting up your Trezor Model T is completely camera free including sealing your computer’s webcam.

The Model T device comes with a hologram seal that you have to peel off to plug in to your PC.

If you don’t see this seal or it looks different to the one pictured, do NOT proceed with the set up and contact Trezor support immediately.

Hologram seal on the Trezor Model T

Connect the Trezor Model T and your computer using the USB type C cable provided.

Download and Install the Latest Firmware

The next step is to download and install the latest firmware.

Download the latest firmware from the Trezor website. Do not disconnect your device during this process!
The Trezor will restart after installation.
On the website, click “Check for devices” and connect to the “Unknown device from InterBiometrics”- this is actually your Trezor.

Afterwards select the option “Create a new wallet”. This will be proof that the wallet is unused.

Select “Create a new wallet” if you are using the Trezor for the first time. Some ebay sellers will ask you to restore your wallet, those are scams!

Create a Backup of Your Trezor Model T

The penultimate step is to create a back up. The wallet generates recovery words which are in a specific order. Write down those words in the same order on the piece of paper provided with your Trezor Model T.

This is known as your recovery seed.

Remember to create a backup of your Trezor so you can recover your funds even if you lose your physical device.
The recovery seed will be generated on your Trezor device.
Write down your recovery seed on the paper provided with the Trezor and keep it safe. Do not take a photo of it, upload it onto your computer or online.

IMPORTANT: do not take a photo of your recovery seed, or upload it onto your computer or online.

This is because you use your recovery seed to restore your funds on another Trezor if you lose your phyiscal device. Conversely, this means that any thief can do the same if they obtain your recovery seed.

Create a New PIN Code

Lastly, set a 4 to 50-digit PIN code which you will use to unlock your Trezor every time before using it.

The PIN is set on your Trezor Model T device. This is so that even if someone obtains your Trezor, they cannot unlock and use it unless they have your PIN code.

This concludes the set-up process, meaning you’re good to go. It goes without saying that at all times, be extra vigilant to ensure you don’t expose your keys or recovery seed. This is to ensure your wallet is secure.

Using the Trezor Model T

The wallet offers a range of coin options for trading. They include; Dash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, etc.

The options are listed out on the interface once you connect your Trezor to your computer.

For ERC-20 token coins, you can use the Trezor with MyEtherWallet or MyCrypto.


In general, transacting using the Trezor Model T is smooth and really secure.

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  1. I was watching your Trezor model T setup guide, but I bailed, because my Trezor model T setup was slightly different to yours. After choosing which model I had (which is the model T), it prompted me to choose which browser I was using. My laptop came with Windows 7, but after I bought it years ago, I had Chrome installed, so I always use Chrome now. However, the options in the drop down box during setup only have:
    Mac OS X
    Linux 64-bit (deb)
    Linux 64-bit (rpm)
    Linux 32-bit (deb)
    Linux 32-bit (rpm)
    So what should have I done?

  2. Hi Michael. I tied again just now to setup my Trezor model T. This time I opted for Windows at the section that prompted me to select a browser ( my mate told me that Windows is the same option as Chrome, considering there is no specific option for Chrome in the drop down box). Then it asked me to download Trezor Bridge, so I started downloading it. But you say on your online guide not to disconnect your Trezor once you start downloading Trezor Bridge, but that’s exactly what it asked me to do in this popup box. So I clicked ok, and disconnected my Trezor. What should I do now?

  3. reconnected it and you will be connected
    Once you load the wallet you can download trezor bridge. Once trezor bridge is downloaded, the popup will ass you to disconnect the trezor. Physically disconnect the trezor and then click next.
    once the install finishes you can connect back the trezor and it’ll work

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