Thundercore will launch on Huobi Lite

Update: Huobi has released new information about the IEO, with Thundercore (TT) being sold at $0.015 USD.

Thundercore protocol, a revolutionary fast scaling network protocol that can be used to scale ethereum Dapps will be launching on “Huobi Lite” on May 9th. This launch strategy is interesting because of the small investment size given to public – only a $500,000 USDT allocation available for Huobi platform users. Normally Initial Exchange Offerings are in the $1 to $5 Million allocation range. With such a small allocation, it’s unlikely platform users will get a significant quality of ThunderCore (TT) – possibly leading to a sellout in a few seconds.

For more information about Thundercore, read our Thundercore Guide here.

OTC trading & Risks

As Thundercore TT tokens are unlocked, savvy traders have already started speculating on the price of TT. Many OTC desks are offering TT for trade, at prices between 3.5 and 5 cents USD – depend on the region. It’s important to remember that OTC trades may not be safe – there are already reports of scammers pretending trade TT when in fact they don’t have any. Do not trade with unknown strangers.

What is ThunderCore and how does it work?

We have produced a video on the scaling protocol summarizing how “Thunderella” – the core consensus mechanism behind Thundercore works.

Large TT transactions and movements

Some groups have spotted large amounts of TT being transacted, such as this following transaction of 895980079.999TT ($30 M USD worth) being moved:

To view current ThunderCore transactions, check out Thunderscan

Token Price / Private Sale price

Official token price and private sale information from the Huobi Listing is as follows:

Total Token Supply: 10,000,000,000 TT
Prime Lite Allocation: 0.33% of Total Token Supply
Prime Lite Release Period: No lock-up/Vesting
Seed Round Price: Jan 2018, $0.01/TT
Seed Round Allocation: 575,906,500 TT, 5.76% of Total Token Supply
Seed Round Release Period: Lock up until Feb 26, 2020
Strategic Round Price: March 2018 to May 2018, $0.02/TT
Strategic Round Allocation: 1,862,274,499 TT, 18.62% of Total Token Supply
Strategic Round Release Period: One year lock-up after investment, release respectively over March 2019 to May 2019
Private Round Price: June 2018 to July 2018, $0.1/TT
Private Round Allocation: 147,648,516 TT, 1.48% of Total Token Supply

This information is in alignment with the information on Thundercore Telegram Channel.

Telegram and Chat groups

Thundercore English:

Thundercore China:

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