The Backwoods ($LEAF) token airdrop guide

The Backwoods ($LEAF) is a rougelite game built on Solana. They have recently launched its Open Alpha phase where users can accumulate points for a potential The Backwoods ($LEAF) token airdrop. Here is our The Backwoods ($LEAF) token airdrop guide.

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The Backwoods ($LEAF) Airdrop: HUGE GameFi on Solana!

What is The Backwoods ($LEAF)?

The Backwoods ($LEAF) is an exciting roguelite game in the Solana ecosystem. Players wield unique weapons to battle demonic creatures, progressing through levels to acquire powerful gear. As they advance, they earn gaming tokens—specifically, $LEAF and $SEED. The $LEAF token is the governance token of The Backwoods. It also allows players to participate in various activities within the game such as buying in-game items, as well as voting on decisions relating to gameplay or community aspects of The Backwoods.

Players are also rewarded with NFTs which can be traded. Holding hero NFTs and staking them also allows players to earn points in the form of $LEAF tokens.

How to get The Backwoods ($LEAF) token airdrop

Time needed: 20 minutes

Here’s how to get a potential The Backwoods ($LEAF) token airdrop

  1. Register for The Backwoods

    To register for The Backwoods, simply go to and connect your Solana wallet (e.g. Phantom wallet). Connect your Discord and Twitter accounts by clicking “Connect” under your profile.

  2. Start playing

    Click “Play” to enter the game. You can earn 2,000 points per game and winning a stage gives you 30 points.

  3. Optional: purchase NFT heroes

    You can purchase NFT heroes at NFT heroes automatically update into the game and cost approximately 2.8-2.9 $SOL. The benefits of holding The Backwoods NFT heroes include being able to have unlimited referral codes, the ability to stake the NFT and extra points for playing with the NFT. Staking 1 NFT rewards you with 4,000 points per day and playing with the NFT allows you to earn 4,000 points per game.

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