The 2.0 of Step.App – FitEvo: Advancing from Play-to-Earn to Move-to-Earn

Play-to-Earn experienced a massive wave of adoption during 2021, as crypto-friendly gamers jumped on the opportunity to earn money while playing games. P2E games such as Axie Infinity, Star Atlas, and others saw a dramatic increase in user and revenue growth. However, after the initial hype wave over P2E games settled, what was left was a realization that many of these games lacked truly engaging gameplay, social features, and sustainable tokenomics.

Fast forward to late 2021/early 2022, we witnessed a significant pivot in the blockchain gaming space: Move-to-Earn. M2E has taken the world by storm, with numerous projects popping up and their valuations skyrocketing. Among the younger generations, there is a trend towards self-care and maintaining a more healthy lifestyle as we continuously get reminded of just how much time we end up spending indoors. Covid lockdowns took this lifestyle to the extreme and forced everyone to spend time at home longer than many felt comfortable. Now there is a thirst for a more active, healthier life.

P2E games have had (and continue to have) a good run, but M2E has managed to capture the interest of not only gamers, but also those blockchain enthusiasts who might not be fully on board with just spending time tapping away at their phone screen to earn their P2E tokens. However, every project comes with its own shortcomings. Let’s take a look at these shortcomings and how an emerging project – FitEvo has transformed its platform amidst this trend with a new edge.

Finding An Edge in the M2E World

With popular M2E games such as STEPN, Genopets, and STEP, you’ll find that they share a common gameplay model in which the user acquires an in-game asset, be it a sneaker or a pet animal, and upgrades it further as they keep on exercising.

But these features on their own are not enough to make an M2E game successful. The focus should be just as much on the social aspects and community engagement opportunities around a user’s physical activities, as it is on the earning and NFT upgrading experiences. And many of the games in this space seem to have forgotten what the most popular traditional social fitness apps such as Strava, FitBit, and MyFitnessPal have already done in order to expand their user base, and keep it engaged. 

Strava, one of the pioneers in the social fitness app space, has achieved an enormous global user adoption, boasting nearly 100 million users. Much of this growth can be attributed to the app offering not only a feed of activities of their friends, but also other social features that are geography-centric and community engagement focused.

This precedent for a successful M2E game is exactly the reason why FitEvo is so appealing in terms of fundamentals. FitEvo, an M2E dragon breeding NFT game, has the makings of an incredibly successful blockchain-based game, as they have incorporated many of the social features that people know and love.

FitEvo: Focusing on the Interaction Between Individuals

FitEvo aims to engage the masses through a powerful combination of NFT dragon breeding (evolving together with a dragon companion), and social features that gamify physical activity and human competitiveness, and bring friends and communities closer together.

An engaging and fun dragon breeding game, FitEvo has been inspired by the greats, like Tamagotchi and Pokemon, taking it to the next level by syncing the user’s movements with the development of their very own dragon. In FitEvo, the dragon co-evolves with the user, creating a bond between the two. The hatching of eggs, breeding and evolving of dragons, will be intimately linked to the physical movements of their masters.

And here is where FitEvo will really shine – the social and gamification features. For those familiar with the M2E STEP game, FitEvo will be like a new and improved Step 2.0, incorporating all the crucial engagement mechanisms that have made traditional social fitness apps so popular. If you’re one of those who didn’t manage to get in on STEP early on, it might be worth your while to pay close attention to FitEvo.

The multiplayer feature alone will offer an enormous amount of value to the users, FitEvo allows FITamins(as the FitEvo community calls itself) to meet other like-minded and even geographically adjacent individuals by organizing group runs or other group exercises. Anyone who has ever tried getting back in shape with their friends cheering them up or even being right next to them, sweating off their own dietary sins, knows how much it helps to have someone give you motivation and some peer pressure at your lowest moments. This type of community support will be possible, with FITamins helping each other become their better selves.

Of course, what would a fitness app be without some healthy competition? FitEvo will offer many opportunities to challenge others and stimulate their competitive neurons through classical challenges, as well as user-created routes with leaderboards.

In addition to earning $FIVO tokens through movement, FitEvo has made sure that attention is paid to incentivizing more extensive user engagement beyond exercising and dragon breeding. Users will be able to collect Active Points through interactions, referral count, daily sign-ins, missions completed, community contributions, and more. The Points will significantly influence users’ earnings to the upside, so it will be in everyone’s best interest if they try to make the best of their experiences on the FitEvo app – and why shouldn’t they?

Another interesting feature that we are yet to hear more about is the training programme, which will offer inexperienced users the opportunity to learn from the community and follow pre-planned exercise curricula without having to design them themselves.

Incorporating all of these features will be no small feat for FitEvo, and it will be interesting to see how the project progresses forward. With such a clear edge over their competitors defined, it’s now up to the FitEvo team to deliver on these ambitions and rise through the ranks of the M2E space.

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