tea Protocol ($TEA) token airdrop guide

tea Protocol ($TEA) is a decentralized protocol that rewards people who create and maintain open-source software. It helps make sure that these developers get recognized for their hard work, and it keeps the software world reliable and secure. In our previous video, we’ve reminded you to sign up for the waitlist. Now the incentivized testnet has just launched and you can now start completing tasks. More importantly, they have confirmed they will do an airdrop when its mainnet and $TEA token launches on 12th June 2024! Here is our tea Protocol ($TEA) token airdrop guide.

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What is Tea ($TEA)?

  • tea is a decentralized protocol that aims to reward open-source developers for their contributions to the software supply chain.
  • tea uses a Proof of Contribution algorithm to measure the impact and value of each open-source project and distribute TEA tokens accordingly.
  • tea also incorporates a reputation system and a staking and slashing mechanism to ensure the quality and security of the open-source software and prevent malicious attacks.
  • tea enables package maintainers, users, supporters, and tasters to participate in the protocol and benefit from the open-source economy.
  • tea is governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that allows active contributors to propose and vote on protocol parameters and features.

What is the Tea ($TEA) token?

Here are the main features of the tea Protocol ($TEA) token:

  • A cryptographic token for the tea Protocol: The TEA token serves as the access key to certain parts and features of the tea Protocol, a decentralized system for rewarding and securing open-source software.
  • A medium of exchange and reward: The TEA token can be used to contribute to the security of the software supply chain by challenging and reviewing packages, to reward the open-source developers of registered projects, and to participate in the governance of the tea Protocol.
  • A staking mechanism: The TEA token can be staked by package maintainers, supporters, and tea tasters to demonstrate their commitment and reputation, as well as to influence the distribution of rewards and penalties within the protocol.
  • A fixed supply token: $TEA has a maximum supply of 10 billion, which will be distributed across various stakeholders according to a predefined schedule. The token distribution and emission will be the subject of a dedicated technical paper.

Will there be a tea ($TEA) token airdrop?

tea have already announced the details of their tea ($TEA) token airdrop. tea have confirmed they will be an airdrop and that the points you earn by doing the incentivized testnet tasks will be converted to the airdrop. Also, their mainnet and $TEA token will launch on 12th June 2024. So, it is expected that participants will get their airdropped $TEA tokens then. As a general tea testnet participant you can get a maximum of around 1,000 points for doing tasks. But you can get a lot more if you complete the tasks that requires you to be a top developer on their protocol.

How to get the tea Protocol ($TEA) token airdrop?

Here’s how to get the tea ($TEA) token airdrop.

  1. Sign up on tea

    Go to https://app.tea.xyz/sign-up. Sign up with your email or Discord, and connect your Github account.

  2. Complete profile

    Click on your profile and navigate to the “Settings” section. Add your email address and complete the required information such as giving them a bit of information about yourself. You will earn points for doing this. We recommend you do this ASAP as there is a limited time 5x point boost for completing this.

  3. Check task status on dashboard

    Go to the tea Testnet dashboard by clicking the second button on your left. Here, you will see a lists of the quests to be completed.

  4. Get Discord roles

    Join the tea Protocol Discord. Earn XP points from posting and completing activities such as social engagement and answering questions. XP Points will be awarded every Monday for the previous week. You can earn roles after getting more than a certain number of XP Points.

  5. Optional: Get a top 10% rated project on tea Protocol.

    If you are a developer, register your open-source project on tea Protocol by going to “my OSS projects” and clicking “Register a New OSS Project”. Make sure your project has contributors and dependencies, as these are essential for eligibility. If your project earns a teaRank in the top 10% you can get 25,000 points!!

tea Protocol testnet dashboard