Sender Labs token airdrop guide

Sender Labs developed Sender Wallet, a web3 wallet that supports multiple blockchains and offers users complete control over their cryptocurrency, NFTs, and DeFi activities. They currently have some daily tasks where you can earn Sender DAO Points which could lead to a potential airdrop, even better is that the tasks only take 2 minutes to complete! Here is our Sender Labs token airdrop guide.

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What is Sender Labs?

Sender Labs is a provider of secure and smooth Web3 services for everyone. Their flagship product, Sender Wallet, is a versatile web3 wallet that supports multiple blockchains. It empowers users with complete control over their cryptocurrency, NFTs, and DeFi activities. Additionally, Sender Wallet offers seamless transactions where users can enjoy smooth trading through Sender Swap, where automated market maker (AMM) and order book merges. This integration ensures a seamless transactional experience, allowing users to complete transactions directly within the wallet’s built-in SWAP feature. Notably, this eliminates connection risks and authorized signature concerns.

    Sender Labs is backed by investors and partners such as Binance Labs, Pantera, Jump Capital and others.

    How to get the Sender Labs token airdrop

    Time needed: 2 minutes

    Sender Labs has a campaign where you can complete tasks to earn Sender DAO Points, leading to a potential token airdrop. Here’s how to get the potential Sender Labs token airdrop.

    1. Fund wallet with NEAR tokens

      Fund your wallet with NEAR tokens from centralized exchanges (CEX) like Bybit or BingX, or use the Rainbow Bridge for Ethereum, NEAR, and Aurora blockchains. If you are funding NEAR tokens from CEXs, you can also convert other tokens to NEAR and withdraw them to your wallet.

      Sign up for Bybit or BingX to enjoy extra benefits!

    2. Sign in daily

      Go to SenderDAO and connect your wallet to sign in. Note you will need at least 0.1 NEAR to connect the DApp. Do this task every day.

    3. Open Candy Box

      You will get 1 free chance to open a Candy Box after every successful sign in. The Candy Box can give you NEAR meme coins or even NEAR tokens.

    4. Invite friends

      Invite friends to earn 150 Sender DAO points, 100 points for the inviter and 50 points for the invitee.

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