Segwit Activation and Bitcoin Future with Jimmy Song

Hi guys! I’m going to interview Jimmy Song (with Ivan on Tech), a vocal Bitcoin Developer and Entrepreneur about Segwit and the future of Bitcoin. Do you guys have any suggestions for interview questions?

I would like to ask the boxminingmedeveloper.temp927.kinsta.cloudmunity if you have any questions to ask Jimmy (concerns over Bitcoin Scaling etc).

Video will go live on July 19th Wednesday 8 pm CST
(view from link below, will also be cast on Ivan’s channel)

Comments and suggestions:

Scenarios for Aug 1st
Dispel some rumors / false information that is spreading in the bitcoin community
Theme: Will Aug 1st Lead to a Better Bitcoin?


  1. Tell us about yourself How did you get into Bitcoin
  2. Why do we need to fix Bitcoin Scaling? (eg. currently, a large number of transactions create higher fees)
  3. Optimistic Scenario – Locking mechanism etc
  4. Failed Scenario – Betray and chain split
  5. Practical: what do “regular” people absolutely need to know until the August the 1st? For example: is it safe to transact during that time etc..
  6. How do we think we can heal the wounds and get everyone working together again
  7. What misconceptions do you want to dispel – what do you think people get most confused about

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