Rivo token airdrop guide

Rivo is an all-in-one DeFi platform that integrates a smart contract wallet across multiple chains with a DeFi marketplace. It simplifies access to DeFi opportunities, allowing users to earn with just a single click. They have just launched its Points Program where users can qualify for a token airdrop which is likely to be in Q4 2024. Here is our Rivo token airdrop guide.

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What is Rivo?

Rivo is a DeFi platform that combines a multichain smart-contract wallet with a DeFi marketplace. They are partners with some of the top DeFi protocols in the world including Yearn Finance and Beefy Finance. Here are some of Rivo’s main features:

  1. Smart-Contract Wallet:
    • Seedless Self-Custody: Rivo’s wallet allows users to create an account without a seed phrase, using Google or social media accounts.
    • Multichain Support: Rivo supports major networks like Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche.
    • Cross-Chain Swaps: Users can perform one-click cross-chain swaps directly from their wallet.
  2. DeFi Marketplace:
    • Curated Strategies: Rivo enables users to invest in advanced DeFi strategies selected by professional analysts.
    • Educational Content: Users can access exclusive video tutorials, risk assessment dashboards, and visualized content.
    • Portfolio Tracking: Once invested, users can track their portfolio analytics and view detailed profit and loss (PnL).
    • Integration with Leading Protocols: Rivo has established partnerships with protocols like Frax Finance, Convex, and Yearn Finance.

How to get the Rivo token airdrop

Time needed: 50 minutes

Here’s how to get the potential Rivo token airdrop. Note Rivo has launched its mainnet, so completing any tasks involves using real fund. Therefore, users should be aware of any risks.

  1. Sign up

    Connect your wallet at Rivo HERE. You also have the option to create a Rivo Wallet

  2. Use any strategy on Rivo

    Put your funds into any Yield Marketplace or Yield Indices on Rivo. Yield Indices are baskets of yields provided by Locust. You can choose based on risk levels provided. For lower risk, opt for single-asset strategies like the ETH liquidity pool to avoid impermanent loss and liquidation risks. Most importantly, ensure it aligns with your risk tolerance and return expectations.

    You can choose from various vaults partnered with projects like Pendle, Gearbox, Hop Finance, and more. You will earn 1 point for every US$1 put in. And if you put at least US$1,000 in any strategy and hold the position for 14 days, you will mint the Founding Member NFT, granting you a percentage boost in points.

    To put your funds into Rivo’s Yield Marketplace or Indices, click on the page on the left hand bar. Then, click on the vault and click the “+” button on the top right hand side. Select your token and the amount and follow the steps as shown.

  3. Swap on Rivo

    Make a swap on Rivo to earn 0.1 point for every US$1 swapped. To swap, click the opposing arrow buttons on the left hand side. Then select your token pairs and complete the swap. To avoid high transaction fees, use cheaper chains such as Arbitrum.

  4. Complete bonus tasks for extra points

    Bonus tasks allow you to collect extra points. Tasks include putting in US$1,000 into any Yield Index or Marketplace Strategy, completing a survey, or generating US$1,000 in swap volume.

  5. Complete Zealy tasks

    Go to Rivo’s Zealy Questpage and complete the tasks. Tasks include visiting their pages and following their social media.

  6. Refer your friends

    Copy your referral code on the main page and refer your friends. You will earn 8% of your friends’ points.

  7. Check back often!

    Bonus tasks are updated occasionally, so check back often and complete the tasks!