Particle Network ($PARTI) token airdrop guide

Particle Network is a modular Layer-1 blockchain that acts as a universal settlement layer for the multi-chain ecosystem, enabling seamless execution of transactions across diverse blockchains. They have recently launched Phase 1 of their testnet, and have confirmed they will do a token airdrop! Here’s our Particle Network ($PARTI) token airdrop guide.

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Particle Network Testnet Airdrop Strategy (How to MAXIMIZE)

What is Particle Network?

Particle Network is a modular Layer-1 blockchain that acts as a universal settlement layer for the multi-chain ecosystem. Built using the Cosmos SDK, it addresses Web3’s fragmentation by enabling seamless execution of transactions across diverse blockchains. Here are its key features:

  1. Universal Accounts: Coordinating smart Universal Account deployments and updates across all chains.
  2. Decentralized Messaging Network: Facilitating high-speed, secure cross-chain transactions.
  3. Decentralized Bundler: Executing transactions across chains from a public, permissionless UserOp mempool.
  4. Dual Staking Mechanism: Leveraging two pools of operators (native token and BTC delegations) for consensus participation.
  5. Aggregated DA: Enhancing performance and availability through diverse DA solutions.
  6. Web3 Integration: Empowering businesses to integrate web3 capabilities using familiar web2 authentication methods. Learn more about Particle Network on their website.

Particle Network raised three seed funding rounds recently led by Polychain Capital, previously Animoca Brands and Hashkey. The funding amounts are not disclosed.

How to get the Particle Network token airdrop

Time needed: 45 minutes

Here’s how to get the Particle Network token airdrop

  1. Connect your wallet to the Pioneer Particle Network testnet

    Connect your wallet to

  2. Join the Pioneer Particle Network testnet

    You will need an invitation to join the Pioneer Particle Network testnet. To do this, click our invitation HERE or use our invite code BOKDCE.

  3. Connect and follow on Twitter

    Connect your Twitter to Particle Pioneer and follow Particle Network on Twitter.

  4. Connect and follow on Discord

    Connect your Discord Particle Pioneer and join their Discord.

  5. Register and activate Universal Account

    Register for a universal account using a wallet such as MetaMask, Uniswap or OKX. Click to activate your Universal Account and start earning $PARTI Points.

  6. Fund Universal Account with testnet ETH

    Sign up for an account at and enter your MetaMask wallet address. Note you will need a minimum mainnet balance of 0.001 ETH before you can request Sepolia ETH from Alchemy. Then, on your MetaMask wallet (making sure you are on the Ethereum Sepolia network), click “Send” and enter your Universal Account address. To view your Universal Account address, click on the logo at the bottom right-hand corner of the page and copy the address at the top of the pop-up window.

    Alternatively, you can find your MetaMask wallet with Sepolia ETH from

  7. Deposit $USDG

    $USDG is the Universal Gas token for the Particle Network Testnet. To deposit $USDG, click “Deposit” under “Task 2: Deposit Universal Gas” and swap some $USDG from Sepolia ETH. You will earn 200 $PARTI Points once for doing this.

  8. Check-in daily

    You will earn 100 $PARTI Points by checking in to Optimism Sepolia daily. Note however you will need to pay gas fees in $USDG for this task.

  9. Use Universal Gas to transact

    Use $USDG on the Particle Testnet to pay gas fees on connected chains. You will earn 50 $PARTI Points for each completed transaction (capped at 100 transactions/day). This means you can earn up to 5,000 $PARTI Points daily.

  10. Mint Particle Pioneer NFTs

    Go to the “Booster” tab at the top of the page and fulfill the requirements to mint the NFTs. Currently the 2 available NFTs to mint are the Particle Pioneer- LV.1 and Particle Pioneer- LV.10 NFTs. These NFTs require you to hold at least 50,000 and 100,000 $PARTI Points respectively. Minting these NFTs gives you benefits in the form of a percentage Power bonus on The People’s Launchpad.

  11. Participate in launchpads on The People’s Launchpad

    The People’s Launchpad is built by the team behind Merlin Chain. They feature a collection of launchpads you can participate in. If you have minted the Particle Pioneer NFTs, you can also get extra bonuses from it.

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