Orderly Network token airdrop guide

Orderly Network combines an orderbook-based trading system with a strong liquidity layer for spot and perpetual futures trading. Orderly Network have already launched their airdrop campaign known as The Road to the Order, and it is predicted their token generation event will be in Q3 2024. Also, they have recently partnered with Elixir to launch Quantum Pools, which is a new addition to both Orderly Network and Elixir’s airdrop campaigns. Therefore, completing the tasks will make you eligible for potential airdrops on both Orderly Network and Elixir! Here’s our Orderly Network token airdrop guide.

Check out our step by step guide:

Orderly Network and Elixir Airdrop: BEST Min-Max Airdrop VALUE

What is Orderly Network?

Orderly Network is a Unified Trading Infrastructure designed for decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Here are its main features:

  • Orderbook-Based Trading: It combines an orderbook-based trading infrastructure with a robust liquidity layer for spot and perpetual futures orderbooks.
  • DEX White-Label Solution: Orderly provides a white-label solution for builders to save time and capital, offering bootstrapped liquidity and a plug-and-play experience.
  • Omnichain Protocol Vision: The network aims to create an omnichain protocol, allowing traders from EVM and non-EVM chains to connect within the same orderbook.
  • Multi-Chain Expansion: While rooted in NEAR, Orderly is expanding to support multiple chains, catering to builders operating on EVM and beyond.
  • Quantum Pools: This is Orderly Network’s latest collaboration with Elixir. Quantum Pools let retail traders add liquidity to trading pairs and earn passive income, making the trading experience better by providing deeper liquidity and more trading options.

Orderly Network’s infrastructure enables various use cases, such as creating DEXs, aggregating trades, and connecting wallets and custodians to offer better swap rates. It also supports trading bots and hedging strategies, enhancing the DeFi ecosystem’s versatility.

How to get the Orderly Network token airdrop?

Time needed: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Here’s how to get the potential Orderly Network token airdrop.

  1. Complete Galxe quests

    Go to the Orderly Network Galxe quest page and complete the quests. These include social tasks, and accumulating trading volume in order to unlock NFTs.

  2. Complete Zealy quests

    Go to the Orderly Network Zealy questboard and complete the quests. These include social tasks and also contributing to the community by helping other members and spreading the word by creating content for Orderly Network.

  3. Deposit USDC into Orderly pairs on Elixir

    Connect your wallet to Orderly Quantum Pools HERE, making sure that you are on the Arbitrum network. Supply USDC as liquidity and earn points from Orderly Network, known as Deeds. You will also earn rewards from Elixir, which are called Potions.

  4. Monitor APY

    Monitor the rewards i.e. the “Est. APY” column, which is currently at around 20% APY. Note that the APY may fluctuate as more users deposit liquidity.

  5. Trade on Orderly Network’s partnered brokers

    Every week (epoch), Orderly Network will have a different broker partner that they would focus on. Trade on these partnered brokers, focusing on accumulating trading volume. This weeks’ partnered brokers are Sharpe, VOOI, IBX, AscendEX, LogX, EMDX, WOOFi and Bitoro.

  6. Trade on Near Protocol DEXs powered by the Orderly Network

    Trading on Near Protocol DEXs powered by the Orderly Network requires several steps, setting up a NEAR wallet, transferring NEAR tokens and trading. See steps 7 to 9 below for more details.

  7. Set up a NEAR wallet

    Set up a wallet on the NEAR protocol to interact with dApps in the ecosystem. You can choose from various wallet options like HERE wallet or BitGet wallet. Visit your preferred wallet’s website, download, and install it on your device. Create a new account, copy the secure passphrase, and store it safely. Finally, choose a username, which is usually free or costs 0.1 $NEAR.

  8. Transferring NEAR tokens

    Transfer NEAR tokens into your wallet from centralized exchanges (CEX) like Bybit or BingX, or use the Rainbow Bridge for Ethereum, NEAR, and Aurora blockchains. If you are funding NEAR tokens from CEXs, convert other tokens to NEAR and withdraw them to your NEAR wallet.

    Sign up for Bybit or BingX to enjoy extra benefits!

  9. Trade on Near Protocol DEXs.

    Note that according to the rules for The Road to The Order campaign, traders who use NEAR before and during The Road to The Order will still be eligible for the Orderly Network airdrop. However, NEAR traders won’t be included in The Road to The Order campaign. This means that not all Near Protocol DEXs are powered by Orderly Network. However, trading on the following platforms would qualify you for the potential airdrop as they are powered by Orderly Network: REF Finance, BTSE DEX, WOOFi DEX, JumpDeFi and Zexe.

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