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My Neighbor Alice ($ALICE): merging NFT and gaming?

My Neighbor Alice is one of the new blockchain-based applications that benefited greatly from the ongoing Non-fungible tokens (NFT) hype.

Basically, My Neighbor Alice is a game that utilizes blockchain technology and NFTs as a backbone for their mechanics. It has two main target markets: those who are looking to play new multiplayer games and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. By meshing the world of game and crypto together, ALICE has become an interesting development in the use cases for NFTs.


There are a lot of blockchain-based games already launched in the space. They come in many themes, but most often, their aim is to create an online community where people can interact with each other and be introduced to crypto at the same time.

One of the most popular NFT-based games right now is Decentraland. This game allows you to purchase a virtual land in a digital world which you can customize according to your own plan. You can also interact with other players and exchange in-game items with the support of the NFT technology.

Today, the newest NFT-based game that gained widespread popularity is My Neighbor Alice. It was launched in Binance in March 2021 and had over 220% increase in token value within its first 24 hours since listing. The game, however, isn’t just for the blockchain aficionados. It is for everyone, no matter how new they are to crypto. It’s also worth mentioning that the game was purposefully created to cater to crypto’s underserved market — women.

What is My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is a blockchain-based, multiplayer builder game built on top of the Chromia network. The mechanics are simple. In the game, you can purchase virtual islands, collect in-game items, and interact with other players in its digital world. You can also pursue your tasks or help out your neighbor, called “Alice,” to earn rewards. You can use these rewards to purchase other in-game assets, which you can also sell later in its supported NFT marketplaces.

These NFTs can be anything you’d find in the game. These may be houses, animals, plants, or any other decorative item that players put in their virtual land. Users may trade these items if they want to but they also have the option to rent them to others.

Island on My Neighbor Alice (Image Credit: My Neighbor Alice)

What are the main features of My Neighbor Alice?

  • Marketplace – This is where users can buy, sell, or trade their in-game assets, which are represented by NFTs.
  • Virtual Islands – This is a parcel of land that users have to purchase to participate in the game. These islands can be bought from the ALICE app or the marketplace. Like in-game items, they are represented by NFTs and can be decorated however the user wants to.
  • Avatars – The users are given a character, called avatar, to interact with other players. These can also be modified however the user wishes to.
  • In-game Assets – All items that can be found in the game are in-game assets which users can purchase or sell on the marketplace. But beyond that, users are free to create new assets with the help of ALICE’s NFT creator.
  • Reputation System – The game implements a reputation system where players who do good as a “citizen” in ALICE’s virtual world are rewarded. This can also be improved by users purchasing more virtual islands or NFTs. There is also a tier reputation system that grants users with access to different items or rare NFTs according to their status.
  • Shared Quests and Community Events – To foster a gaming environment that showcases cooperation and friendship, the game has tasks that put people on a shared goal. The players can also launch their own events to gather and interact with others.
  • On-chain Forum – There will be a forum where users can discuss game activities and talk about other topics related to the roadmap of the game development.

Why Build it on Chromia?

There are multiple other blockchain platforms today that aim to enable decentralization. Perhaps the most popular is Ethereum, the second-biggest blockchain network today. However, it is difficult to build and scale new decentralized applications (dApps) there due to network congestion issues and extremely expensive gas fees. To address these concerns on the network, the developers built the game on the Chromia platform.

Chromia Network is a blockchain platform on top of Ethereum that aims to address the scalability issue found in the implementation and development of dApps. One of its biggest use cases is it allows dApp developers to issue CHR-backed tokens. Today, Chromia has projects supporting real estate, finance, and gaming initiatives. One of them is ALICE.


$ALICE is the native utility token for the game. It is an ERC-20 token that users can utilize to participate in the game or collected as a store of value. ALICE is the currency used by users as a medium of exchange, as well as to purchase NFTs represented as in-game assets.

ALICE token uses (Image Credit: My Neighbor Alice)


The platform will soon enable the possibility for users to stake their tokens to earn additional ALICE as a reward. For now, there are platforms like Binance that allow staking of tokens, such as CHR, USDT, and BNB, to earn ALICE.


The game will have a community council that decides how the game ecosystem moves forward. This follows the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) model where ALICE token holders vote on important protocol proposals.


ALICE had the tremendous backing of investors in the cryptocurrency space when it first came to the market. This can also be because the project’s aims are beneficial for the whole network. Introducing blockchain technology to a whole new group of people who might have never heard of it is a promising initiative in achieving greater adoption.

The first step in pushing for adoption is to make people understand that crypto and NFTs aren’t too complicated after all and that blockchain isn’t just about Bitcoin, DeFi, or payments.

Alice has it all. The game mechanics are simple, the developers are preparing DeFi opportunities for token holders, and the whole platform is decentralized. It is also launched via Steam, one of the biggest gaming platforms today.

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