Mitosis ($MITO) token airdrop guide: TIME SENSITIVE!

Mitosis ($MITO) is a system that helps different blockchains work together more efficiently. It’s like connecting building blocks to create a stronger structure. Their testnet campaign has recently launched and early participants will receive huge bonus points! Here is our Mitosis ($MITO) token airdrop guide.

Check out our step by step guide:

Mitosis Expedition Testnet Airdrop: HUGE Liquid Restaking Campaign (TIME SENSITIVE)

What is Mitosis ($MITO)?

Mitosis is designed to address the 3 challenges of capital efficiency, interoperability and security. Here are the main features of Mitosis:

  • Mitosis Liquidity Protocol: A key component of the Mitosis platform, likely involving mechanisms for providing liquidity.
  • Capital Efficiency: This feature suggests a focus on optimizing the use of funds within the protocol.
  • Scaling in Network: Indicates that Mitosis has capabilities for growing its network infrastructure.
  • Scaling in Security: Implies that as the network scales, there is a parallel emphasis on enhancing security measures.

How to get Mitosis ($MITO) token airdrop

Here’s a guide on how to get the potential Mitosis ($MITO) token airdrop

  1. Claim testnet Sepolia ETH

    Claim testnet ETH with these faucets:
    Alchemy Sepolia Faucet
    QuickNode Sepolia Faucet
    Infura Sepolia Faucet
    Sepolia PoW Faucet

    Make it a habit to get testnet ETH from these faucets every day because you will need it for other potential airdrops too!

  2. Get $eETH on Sepolia

    Connect your wallet and Twitter account to Click “Get eETH on Sepolia”

  3. Deposit $eETH on Mitosis

    Go to and deposit 0.5 $eETH on Arbitrum, Optimism and Polygon. This will allow you to get the 1.5x boost. Afterwards, deposit 0.5 $eETH on Ethereum Sepolia testnet.

  4. Claim badges

    Go to “My Dashboard” and claim your badges. There are a total of 48 badges to collect.

  5. URGENT: Get early adopter badges.

    Complete the tasks to get the Early Adopter badges. Note some of these tasks have deadlines

  6. Move up the Expedition Testnet Tiers!

    Earning more points allows you to move up and get higher Expedition Testnet tiers. A higher tier means you will get more Community Redistribution Points. The top tier i.e. Diamond, will get you 33% of the total Community Redistribution Points as well as a 1.5x bonus boost in the expedition mainnet! Act fast because the Expedition Testnet campaign will end on 15th March 2024!

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