MetaWars Launches With Successful Results, Discusses Future Plans

MetaWars, the next-generation sci-fi strategy game, has officially launched the $WARS token. MetaWars successfully developed the best tokenomics for its ecosystem with the help of marketing partners that led to the release of the $WARS and $GAM tokens on the blockchain.

A Quick Recap About MetaWars

MetaWars is a sci-fi focused strategy game that enables players to earn through gameplay. Players can embark on their journey in a highly-realistic space environment during the game with the help of NFTs in the form of resources and mechas. The game’s play-to-earn feature enables players to fight, trade, and play while earning NFTs and additional rewards. For more information check out our full Metawars guide.

The Legacy So Far

MetaWars released their pre-launch NFT auction from the 21st to the 27th of October, which allowed buyers to purchase valuable in-game assets and supplies. The event garnered huge success, nearing a total of 1,000 bids by the end of the auction.

The project continued their impressive feats on the day of their launch on the 27th of October, with an initial listing price of $0.008 on PancakeSwap skyrocketing over 100x.

The staking pool and dapp also went live recently for the community to stake $WARS tokens. Players, in turn, earn $GAM tokens, an in-game utility token that will play a vital role in the MetaWars universe.

Launch Highlights

  • The pre-launch NFT auction successfully obtained close to 1,000 bids and raised a total of 2,000 BNB.
  • MetaWars’ $WARS tokens were sold out in a flash on all three launchpads — Polylauncher, GameFi and Red Kite — within minutes.
  • The very first MetaWars game trailer and demo was released to the public in order to show a glimpse of the immersive gameplay — interested parties can view the clip here.
  • Staking of $WARS and $WARS-BUSD LP went live on MetaWars’ dapp, access it here.
  • MetaWars’ Discord server remains active with more than 22,000 members to date and an invitation contest is currently underway that will enable participants with the most invites to earn limited in-game asset NFTs.

Future Plans 

Following a hugely successful launch, MetaWars is currently working on its adventure game, with plans to release it later this month. The NFT staking feature is also currently in the works and will be announced to the public in the near future.

More details about the game will be announced soon. To follow up with MetaWars’ updates and developments, follow their social media channels below.

About MetaWars

MetaWars is a play-to-earn next-generation blockchain gaming experience. Explore and battle throughout the universe. Fight, trade, and earn robots, ships, and planetary terrain backed by in-game NFTs. The $WARS token will become the anchor of an entire universe up for grabs.

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