MANTRA Chain ($OM) token airdrop guide

MANTRA Chain ($OM) is the first Real World Asset (RWA) Layer 1 Blockchain on the Cosmos ecosystem that ensures adherence to real-world regulatory requirements while enabling seamless participation in the evolving the RWA tokenization space for developers and institutions. MANTRA Chain has set aside 50 million $OM tokens for community airdrops. ATOM stakers and specific NFT holders will receive the allocated airdropped tokens. Additionally, MANTRA plans to double their token supply for the upcoming mainnet launch, and participants of the Hongbai Incentivized Testnet in April 2024 (and potentially others) will be eligible for the $OM airdrop. Here’s our guide to the MANTRA Chain ($OM) token airdrop.

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Mantra ($OM) Hongbai Incentivized Testnet is LIVE!! (URGENT)

What is MANTRA Chain?

MANTRA Chain is a RWA-focused Layer 1 blockchain built to bridge the gap between traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi). Here are the main features of MANTRA chain:

  • Real World Asset Tokenization: MANTRA Chain is designed to facilitate the on-chain tokenization of RWAs. Crucially, tokenization of RWAs will have an expected valuation of US$16 trillion by 2030. This will be crucial in bridging TradFi and DeFi.
  • Security and Compliance: MANTRA Chain is a security-first Layer 1 blockchain that adheres to regulations and compliance frameworks. Their aim is to address the current ecosystem’s lack of compliance and fragmented liquidity.
  • Technical Architecture: Utilizing Cosmos SDK, MANTRA Chain offers a modular, scalable, and interoperable infrastructure for developers to build dApps and protocols, supported by the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) Protocol.
  • Ecosystem and Governance: The platform integrates MANTRA Finance, MANTRA DAO, and MANTRA Chain into the Omniverse ecosystem, emphasizing regulatory compliance, community engagement, and on-chain governance.

MANTRA Chain stands out for its focus on creating a permissionless blockchain for permissioned applications. Thereby ensuring a compliant environment for tokenization and decentralized applications within the Cosmos ecosystem.

MANTRA has recently raised US$11 million in funding led by Shorooq Partners, a prominent venture and technology investment firm in the MENA region. Other investors include Mapleblock, Three Point Capital, Forte Securities, Virtuzone, Hex Trust, GameFi Ventures, Token Bay Capital, Virtuzone, BlackPine, Mapleblock, Fuse Capital, 280 Capital, Caladan (Alphalab Capital) and others.

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How to get the MANTRA Chain ($OM) token airdrop?

Time needed: 1 hour

Here’s how to get the MANTRA Chain ($OM) token airdrop

  1. Sign up for the Hongbei Incentivized Testnet

    The Hongbei Incentivized Testnet will go live soon. Sign up for the waitlist HERE.

  2. Stay tuned for updates

    Follow MANTRA on Twitter to stay updated on their latest news on the incentivized testnet will go live.

  3. Stake $ATOM

    JP Mullin mentioned after our interview that $ATOM stakers could potentially qualify for the $OM token airdrop. However, the official eligibility criteria has not been officially announced yet. To stake $ATOM tokens with a Keplr wallet, go to the Keplr Dashboard. There, you can stake your $ATOM on the Cosmos Hub.

  4. Hold specific NFTS

    JP Mullin also revealed that holding certain NFTs such as Bad Kids and Pudgy Penguins may potentially qualify you for the $OM token airdrop.

  5. Participate in $OM staking pools on MANTRA DAO and MANTRAFinance

    Stake $OM tokens in the staking pools on MANTRA DAO and MANTRA Finance. This is to increase your chances of qualifying for the airdrop. There is currently a 1.35x multiplier for $OM stakers on these platforms. MANTRA DAO will discontinue $OM staking by 31st March 2024

  6. Complete Galxe quests

    Connect your wallet to the MANTRA Chain Galxe Page. Complete the social tasks and quiz. Here are the answers to the MANTRA Chain Glaxe Quiz 1: C (Cosmos), A (Real estate), D (Financing terrorism).

$OM token staking reward mechanism

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