Manta token staking guide for ecosystem airdrops: Renew Paradigm

Manta Network is a blockchain platform that empowers developers to construct and launch applications and dApps on Ethereum, leveraging zero-knowledge (ZK) technology. It offers low transaction fees, impressive scalability, and developer-friendly functionalities. The Manta airdrop may be over, but you can still use your Manta tokens to qualify for a many more airdrops. In particular, you can stake your Manta tokens to collators (i.e. validators) of the Manta ecosystem to qualify for more airdrops. Here is our Manta token staking guide.

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to position yourself for several Manta network airdrops!

MONSTER Yield Manta Renew Paradigm Campaign (MULTIPLE Airdrops)

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How to find upcoming airdrops in the Manta ecosystem?

There are over 180 live projects in the Manta ecosystem, and many of these are already live. However, if you are hunting for upcoming airdrops in the Manta ecosystem, you should look for the projects that say they are “coming soon” e.g. Aori, Double Protocol or Sending Me. Note however that this does not guarantee they will do an airdrop or what the airdrop criteria will be. This is because it will be up to each project to decide.

One common eligibility criterion for airdrops is ecosystem staking, in this case, staking on the Manta network. So, one way to position yourself for a potential Manta ecosystem project airdrop would be to stake $MANTA with their collators (i.e. validators).

How to stake Manta tokens for multiple airdrops?

There are many Collators on the Manta Atlantic network, see here. However, staking Manta on the Manta Atlantic network may be difficult for some as the minimum staking requirement is quite high. Currently, the lowest minimum staking requirement is 594 $MANTA, and some Collators require a minimum of 1,459 Manta! However, you can actually liquid stake your $MANTA tokens on Bifrost with no minimum staking requirement! Also, liquid staking on Bifrost still could qualify you for a potential Manta ecosystem token airdrop. This is because liquid staking on Bifrost still counts as delegating your tokens to the collators (i.e. validators) of the Manta ecosystem.

Time needed: 30 minutes

Here’s how to stake Manta tokens for multiple airdrops.

  1. Get Polkadot wallet

    Manta staking on Bifrost occurs on the Bifrost Polkadot network. So, you will need to get a Polkadot wallet such as SubWallet, Talisman, Enkrypt or Polkadot.js. We use SubWallet which is a Chrome extension that can be downloaded here.

  2. Get $MANTA tokens

    Collect your $MANTA tokens from the Manta airdrop (Learn more about the Manta token airdrop here). Note, however, since the airdrop was on Manta Pacific network, you will need to bridge your tokens to the Manta Atlantic network in order to stake.

    Or you can buy Manta tokens from centralized exchanges such as Bybit, Binance or KuCoin exchange.

    Sign up for a Bybit account here!

  3. Bridge tokens to Manta Pacific

    Note, if you are planning to stake your airdropped $MANTA, you will need to bridge your tokens to the Manta Atlantic Network in order to stake. This is because the airdrop was on Manta Pacific network.

    To bridge tokens from Manta Pacific to Manta Atlantic network, connect your Metamask to Select Manta Pacific as the “From” network and Manta Atlantic as the “To” network. Then, select the number of $MANTA tokens you wish to bridge. Afterwards, find your Manta Atlantic address from your SubWallet and paste your address, or you can simply click “Get address”. Confirm the transaction.

    Note your Manta tokens will be bridged through Moonbeam network. The entire bridging process will take around 10 minutes. DO NOT leave the window and ensure that your internet connection does not disconnect during this process. Otherwise, your Manta tokens will be stuck on Moonbeam.

  4. Cross in Manta tokens on Bifrost

    Connect your Subwallet to and click “Cross in”. This will move your Manta tokens from Manta Atlantic network to the Bifrost address. Select the number of $MANTA you wish to cross in and click “Cross in”. Once the transaction is completed you will be able to see your $MANTA balance on the main page under “My Staking”.

  5. Stake $MANTA

    On the staking page, select the amount of $MANTA you wish to stake and click “Stake”. You will earn $vMANTA by staking.

    As a reference, we staked around US$1,000 worth of $MANTA. This is because we are trying to avoid being wrongly identified as Sybil or bot farmers, which could disqualify you from receiving any airdrops.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to unstick $MANTA tokens from Moonbeam network

If your $MANTA tokens are stuck on Moonbeam, connect your Metamask to Celer Network’s cBridge. On cBridge, bridge your $MANTA tokens from Moonbeam back to Manta Pacific. To confirm your Manta tokens are indeed bridged back, go to Moonscan and type in your address. If you were bridging from Manta Pacific to Manta Atlantic, this means you will need to repeat the process again once your $MANTA tokens are unstuck from the Moonbeam network.

Alternatively, you can use Stellaswap’s XC-Transfer feature to directly transfer Moonbeam to Manta Atlantic network. To do this, connect your Metamask to the page and select “Manta.xc” as the token to transfer, then click “Withdraw”. Then, connect your Subwallet. We suggest trying with 1 $MANTA first as a test to make sure the transaction does go through.

Is it worth staking Manta on Bifrost?

There are currently only around 2,100 Manta stakers on Bifrost, and the fewer the stakers, the higher the APY! Currently the APY is around 42%! We staked around 143 $MANTA on Bifrost 2 weeks ago and earned 2 $MANTA.