Lagrange token airdrop guide

Lagrange is a company that specializes in enabling verifiable computation over blockchain data at scale, using their hyper-parallel ZK Coprocessor and State Committee products to support data-intensive and cross-chain applications. They have recently launched a Galxe quest where you can try out their ZK Coprocessor. However, you must do these tasks before 24th May 2024! As with other projects, there is a possibility this could be a task for a potential airdrop in the future! Here is our Lagrange token airdrop guide.

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Lagrange Potential Airdrop: Underfarmed BUT Time-Sensitive!!

What is Lagrange?

Lagrange is a company that specializes in cryptographic solutions for blockchain interoperability and verifiable computation at scale. Here’s are its main features:

  • ZK Coprocessor: A hyper-parallel processor that pre-processes blockchain data into a SNARK-optimized structure, enabling large-scale SQL queries to be proven at low cost.
  • State Committee Protocol: Generates State Proofs for optimistic rollups and integrates with interoperability protocols like LayerZero, Axelar, and Polymer, enhancing secure cross-chain interactions.
  • Research & Development: Focuses on deep research and publishes peer-reviewed papers in top cryptography conferences, ensuring their work is foundational and impactful.
  • Ecosystem Growth: Through strategic partnerships and integrations, Lagrange is expanding its ecosystem, with a network of node operators and a commitment to supporting the development of secure interoperability in crypto.

Lagrange has recently announced their US$13.2 million seed round led by Founders Fund. Other investors in this round include Fenbushi Capital, Volt Capital, CMT Digital, Ventures, 1kx, Maven11, Mantle Ecosystem Fund and others.

How to get a potential Lagrange token airdrop?

Here’s how to get the potential Lagrange token airdrop

  1. Connect to Lagrange Galxe page

    Connect your MetaMask wallet to Lagrange’s Galxe page HERE.

  2. Get a Galxe Web3 Humanity Score of at least level 2

    Ensure you have at least a level two humanity score on Galaxe Web3. If you’re new, there’s a two-month free trial, or renew for 5 USDT on the Polygon chain if expired.

  3. Perform SELECT queries from Base on the Pudgy Penguins NFT collection

    Go to the Base Scan platform and execute SQL queries directly from the smart contracts related to the Pudgy Penguins NFT collection. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this HERE or see steps 4 to 9 below.

  4. Connect wallet to Basescan

    Visit the sample query client on Basescan HERE and click “Connect to Web3” to link your wallet.

  5. Enter query

    Expand the “Query” section and enter the following values:
    “query”: 0.00015
    “storageContract”: 0xBd3531dA5CF5857e7CfAA92426877b022e612cf8 (i.e. the Pudgy Penguins contract address)
    Offset: 5

  6. Enter address in holder

    In “holder”, enter an address you would like to query (e.g. 0x29469395eAf6f95920E59F858042f0e28D98a20B for the Blur NFT marketplace).

  7. Enter “startBlock” and “endBlock” fields

    Set the “startBlock” and “endBlock” fields for your search (eg. 19774897 to 19774997).

  8. Execute query

    To execute query, click “Write”.

  9. Verify result

    After signing and sending the query transaction, wait for the Lagrange Proof Network to process and submit the proof. Note the process on Base should cost less than 10 cents. Afterwards, return to Galxe for verification.

  10. Complete social tasks

    Complete the remainder of the social tasks on Galxe. These include becoming a Lagrange Labs Space User, following them on Twitter and referring your friends.

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