Juice Finance ($JUICE) token airdrop guide

JUICE Finance is a Cross-Margin DeFi application on the Blast ecosystem, offering innovative lending capabilities and composable leverage to optimize yield and point farming activities. Juice Finance is currently in season 3 of its rewards campaign. Participants can also earn points and rewards for other potential airdrops such as Blast too! Here is our Juice Finance ($JUICE) token airdrop guide.

What is Juice Finance ($JUICE)?

Juice is a lending protocol where users can borrow up to 3x their collateral for popular DApps in the Blast ecosystem. Here are the main features of Juice Finance:

  • Cross-Margin DeFi App: Juice Finance is a DeFi application offering cross-margin lending on the Blast ecosystem’s Layer 2 infrastructure.
  • Innovative Lending: It introduces cross-margin lending using Blast’s native rebasing tokens (ETH, WETH, USDB) with gas refund mechanics.
  • Maximized Yield: The platform enables users to leverage their collateral up to 3x for yield and point farming within the Blast ecosystem.
  • Asset Bridging: Users are recommended to use the BLAST bridge for asset transfers within the ecosystem.

Juice Finance aims to optimize users’ yield farming and provide opportunities for both lenders and borrowers in the DeFi space.

What is the Juice Finance ($JUICE) token?

Juice Finance has a native token known as $JUICE. It serves as a governance token, allowing holders to participate in protocol decisions and future developments. In the future, the Juice DAO will have the ability to consider incorporating buy-back and burns using a portion of the protocol fees. Additionally, they can enhance capital efficiency across Juice by providing access to additional leverage, enabling LP staking, and granting early DeFi vault access, among other possibilities.

How to get the Juice Finance ($JUICE) token airdrop?

Time needed: 50 minutes

Here’s on guide on how to get the Juice Finance ($JUICE) potential token airdrop.

  1. Connect to Juice Finance

    Connect your wallet to https://app.juice.finance/. Make sure you are on the Blast network. Note that Juice Finance has already launched its mainnet, so completing the potential airdrop tasks will involve using real funds.

  2. Earn as Lender

    On the dashboard, click “Deposit to earn as a Lender”. Lend $USDB or $WETH to earn yield.

  3. Earn as Borrower

    On the dashboard, click “Deposit to earn as a Borrower”. Follow the steps to create a sub-account. Lend $USDB or $WETH to earn yield.

  4. Deposit into Vaults

    Click on the “Vaults” tab on the top bar. Select a vault and deposit $WETH. Each vault would say what rewards you will earn i.e. Renzo Points, Eigenlayer Points, Juice Points Blast Points and/or Blast Gold. Therefore, by depositing into vaults, you can position yourself for other potential airdrops too! If you need, use the feature on the page to wrap or unwrap your $ETH.

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  5. Fund wallet with $JUICE

    Swap tokens for $JUICE or buy from exchanges such as Gate.io or Thruster.

  6. Stake $JUICE

    Click “Stake” on the top bar. Deposit $JUICE and $WETH and click “Provide Liquidity” in order to earn the JUICE/WETH LP token. Then, stake your JUICE/WETH and select the staking duration. You will get point multipliers for longer staking durations. Liquidity providers are also eligible to earn Juice Staking Points, Juice Points, Blast Points (via the multiplier), Thruster Points and Thruster Blast Gold, and Hyperlock Points and Hyperlock Blast Gold.

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