ICOinfo refunds 4 ICOs in less than 7 hours


After the recent announcement from the Peoples Bank of China (PBoC) Banning ICOs, ICOINFO has swiftly refunding 4 ICOs that were previously listed on their website. A notice came up on their website at 10pm on September 4th, merely 7 hours after the announcement from the PBoC, stating that LLToken, UIP, CCC and HMS have been successfully refunded to contributor’s accounts. The refund strategy for Atmatrix will be decided by the 8th.

Rapid Refunds

Users will be able to withdraw their funds by 10:00 on the 5th of September. This news comes quite surprising as this date is less than 24 hours from the government announcement. This means they would have had to contact the project leaders, organized the refund and actually implemented the code to do it within 24 hours. It is evident that this is not only a huge operation (refunding thousands of dollars worth of coins) but also a very urgent one.

Notice of ICOINFO website, confirming the refunds

What about LLToken on Binance?

LLToken’s ICO was held on multiple ICO platforms, including Binance. In fact, the LLToken has already begun trading on Binance on the 30th of August. Since they are different platforms with different owners, the exact course of action for tokens issued on Binance is still unclear. The price of LLToken (LLT) has definitely taken a huge hit.

LLT/BTC trading on Binance.com


ICOINFO is a popular ico platform which has completed projects such as PressONE, which had Xiaolai Li as an advisor.

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