Chinese ICO Platform, temporarily suspends operations

The ICO platform, made an announcement today to voluntarily suspend its current operations. A notice on the website stated that new ICOs will not go online, however successful ICOs will receive tokens as planned. ICO has launched more than 10 ICOs in the past few months, including Press.One – a publishing website that will be built on the EOS platform.  Many of the ICOs were so popular on the platform that users complained they couldn’t get in on any of them.

This news follows the recent rumors of increased government restrictions and regulations with regards to raising money through crowd sales. There have been rumors of official guidance for token sales along with official government tweets about stopping ICO related events. So far nothing concrete has been issued, however, this has prompted websites like to preemptively stop its activities and redpulse to stop accepting funds from Chinese Citizens.

 Suspension duration

The biggest question now is what will happen to the future of ICOs in China. Currently, it’s not known exactly how long this suspension will last. One thing for sure is that they need to clarify this issue with relevant departments and they need to wait for the new policies be drafted. At this current point, deposits will not be credited to the site. previous successful projects:



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