How to Earn a Bitcoin Living While Stuck in Quarantine

With a third of the global population in lockdown following the rampant transmission of SARS-COV-2, people of finding new ways to generate passive income. This article will teach you how to earn a Bitcoin Living whilst stuck in Quarantine.

The virus that causes COVID-19, a respiratory disease that can prove fatal to some populations. Terms like “self-isolation”, “quarantine”, and “shelter-in-place” have been used to describe the newly placed government sanctions and guidelines, but the term people seem to be using is ‘lockdown’.

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If shelter-in-place guidelines have you twiddling thumbs- put them to better use by earning some crypto.

It should come as no wonder why, as ‘lockdown’ possibly sums up feelings of being stuck at home with little to do but consume depressing media and too many calories. Italians are feeling the brunt of it, having started theirs over 9 weeks ago on March 10, quickly followed by the UK who started March 23. The US, while not the longest by far, with most states, only entering lockdown towards the end of March, have still been feeling the burn a little over a month in.

So what are you to do? Some while away their free hours by getting into new fitness routines, baking bread, or focusing on their children’s education. While others are stuck staring at other bitcoin exchanges wondering what it is they might be able to do to secure their holdings. Good news for everyone- even if you’ve never owned bitcoin before, now may be your time to jump in. With little to no cost and effort. Always remembering that after checking out these ideas, you can always go to exchange platforms, like Bitvavo, to help you with trading and maintaining your presence in the cryptocurrency market. Which is always a good idea.


Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining has been a way to passively gain income for those who have the gear. When it comes to Bitcoin mining, you’re regular computer simply won’t do. You’ll need specialized hardware, called ASIC (applications specific integrated circuits) that will be able to mine Bitcoin on a consistent basis. The main benefit of ASICs is that they are extremely efficient at mining Bitcoin – but at the trade-off that they are algorithm-specific. This means that Bitcoin mining rigs will only mine coins with SHA-256 algorithm (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin SV).

What it Will Cost

Outside of purchasing the necessary hardware, and paying for any increase in electricity demand- not much. Mining is done purely by your machine, with little user requirements following set up. So all you have to do is kick back and watch your wallet cash in.


While effectively trading bitcoin takes a decent amount of knowledge, there’s no need to be a seasoned trader. In fact, being a dab hand in traditional markets may actually serve you up more problems than it’s capable of solving. The cost of buying into digital assets and currencies doesn’t need to be high, especially if you start with the one that isn’t as well known as bitcoin. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies worth investing in, where you can make small-time gains. Then take those gains and eventually build up to bigger investments like bitcoin.

What it Will Cost

Time and initial investment. Perhaps the most taxing of the two will be time. Learning how to trade bitcoin isn’t necessarily easy- but it’s very possible. You’ll need to read up on the behavior of whatever digital assets you’ll plan on using, as well as keep an eagle eye on the way that markets behave- both presently and historically.


There is a long and varied list of different freelance jobs that will happily pay you for your good efforts in bitcoin. Specifically those related to content writing or blogging. Some gigs only require that you help share and market their content. Certain markets, particularly newer ones that need to get the word out, will pay in their own crypto tokens just for registering with their site, following or retweeting their content, or otherwise sharing it across your social media platforms.

What it Will Cost

Next to nothing as long as you’ve got some spare time on your hands. Even less if you’re already a bit of a wordsmith or influencer. These types of jobs are available by the hundreds, but may not be easy to come by ideal positions immediately. It could take a fair bit of internet browsing, or some time spent building a solid Upwork or Freelancing profile, but once your foot is in the door- the bitcoins come cheap.


Bitcoin faucets are another solid way to collect bitcoin while in quarantine. Akin to writing and collecting airdrop content, some advertisers, firms, or crypto networks will pay you just to watch their content and fill out surveys. There are also a number of giveaways or drawings held across many social media platforms that are simple to get in on, providing your friend’s list doesn’t mind the occasional spam.

What it Will Cost

Again, more time and possibly a friend or two. Many of the watch programs require you to share or like their content, making your feed a bit haphazard for any of your followers. But past that, you can get by and earn bitcoin just by having a computer and reliable internet connection.


If you already have a business, particularly one that got shut down along with many of the rest of the mom and pop shops during this time, get online. Uploading any goods or services that you offer onto a personal website, or a sellers hub that will allow crypto payments is one way to start earning bitcoin while doing next to nothing. This works in your favor in a number of ways, as it provides better payment options to customers, helps to ensure their privacy, and keeps everyone away from any of the germs that paper money happily harbors.

What it Will Cost

If you don’t already have a website, paying someone to set you up with one can cost money, but it’s generally not extortionate. Assign a digital currency payment platform to your existing site is incredibly easy, and google is overflowing with excellent resources that explain just how to do it.

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