Holoworld ($HOLO) token airdrop guide

Holoworld ($HOLO) is a decentralized social platform built by Hologram Labs and allows uses to create their own virtual character using AI. They have recently been accepted into Binance Labs’ MVB Accelerator Program. Holoworld has also recently launched a reward program for early users, which could mean a potential airdrop. Here is our Holoworld ($HOLO) token airdrop guide.

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Holoworld AI ($HOLO) Potential Airdrop: Backed by Binance CONFIRMED

What is Holoworld ($HOLO)?

Holoworld is an innovative platform that allows users to:

  • Create Virtual Characters: Design your own characters, from their personality to their appearance.
  • Interact with AI: Engage with virtual characters using artificial intelligence.
  • Build a VTuber: Develop your own virtual YouTuber and share content across various platforms.
  • Accessible Platform: Use Holoworld on both desktop and mobile devices, with helpful guides for easy character creation.

Holoworld is backed by investors such as Polychain Capital. Holoworld has also recently been accepted into Season 7 of Binance Labs MVB Accelerator Program, which is a 10-week accelerator program jointly run by BNB Chain, Binance Labs, and CMC Labs. At the end of the 10-week accelerator program, project teams will showcase and pitch their projects to investors at Binance Labs’ Demo Day. Binance Labs will then make an investment decision on selected top performing project teams. 

Will there be a Holoworld ($HOLO) airdrop?

Holoworld have not announced plans for a token YET. However, since they were accepted into Binance Labs’ MVB Accelerator Program and are backed by Polychain Capital, it is likely they will launch a token in order to ensure investors get a return on investment. Holoworld have also announced a reward program shortly after being accepted into Binance Labs’ MVB Accelerator Program, which also suggests they will do an airdrop.

How to get a potential Holoworld ($HOLO) token airdrop?

Here’s our guide on how to get a potential Holoworld ($HOLO) token airdrop

  1. Connect to Holoworld

    Connect to the Holoworld website HERE.

  2. Create username

    Create a username for your account that is branded nicely to attract other users.

  3. Create AI avatar

    Set up your profile by creating your AI avatar. Start by creating the brain of your character There is an option to connect your Twitter account. However, we have been experiencing problems with this which may be an API issue. So, for now just complete the questionnaire where they will ask you questions about your AI avatar. Then, customize your character’s appearance, including selecting a voice and describing the character. Preview your character and interact with it through chat. Finally, save your character and remember to set it to public for others to interact with.

  4. Participate in reward program

    Head to the ‘Earn’ section on the website to participate in the reward program. Complete novice and daily quests to earn crystals. Daily tasks include checking in and chatting with characters to earn more crystals. There are also weekly tasks, including having valid conversations with Web3 characters like Arthur Hayes and Mozzy etc.

  5. Claim rewards

    Claim rewards such as the standard pass in the special area and share your referral link to earn more crystals. 12. Use crystals to vote for your favorite character and participate in the prize pool. 13. Keep an eye on the utility of crystals for future updates on their use within the platform. 14. Utilize your referral link to invite friends to join and earn extra crystals when your AI bot is used.

  6. Vote for your favourite character

    Vote for your favourite character and participate in the prize pool. Not you will need to use crystals for voting.

  7. Refer friends!

    Utilize your referral link to invite friends to join and earn extra crystals when your AI bot is used.