Colizeum ($ZEUM): Bridging the Earning Gap Between Blockchain and Traditional Gaming

The gaming market has seen impressive growth over the last few years and is still set for more expansion. According to a 2021 report, the gaming market’s valuation for the year hit $198.4 billion. The same report states that the market will register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.94% from 2022 to 2027. By 2027, the valuation could jump 71.3% to $339.95 billion.

Several factors contribute to the gaming market’s popularity, attracting more people to the sector. Game developers are continually improving options and general gameplay, a factor that keeps existing gamers interested enough to stay. In addition to improved features, there is also increased advancement in technology.

The introduction of blockchain technology to the gaming sector is easily the market’s most significant advancement. Apart from the immutability and security of the gaming infrastructure and assets stored, blockchain also provides players with an opportunity to earn while enjoying their gameplay. Platforms like Colizeum are taking this further by stretching blockchain gameplay features past earning rewards.

What is Colizeum?

Colizeum is an ecosystem bridging the gap between the blockchain and traditional gaming worlds. It is a play-to-earn platform that connects several games and related applications from multiple developers, providing a shared marketplace for developers and gamers alike. 

Colizeum continuously closes the traditional and blockchain gaming gap through its Colizeum Software Development Kit (SDK). Conventional game developers can use the Colizeum SDK to effortlessly build blockchain games without the expected technicalities from decentralized applications. The kit also provides a cost-effective way for creators to design and publish games since there is no need for blockchain developer teams.

Why Colizeum?

There are several features the Colizeum ecosystem offers the gaming public. In addition to the ease of creating exciting play-to-earn games, here are a few points to note:

  • Earnings for All: The Colizeum ecosystem maintains an equal focus on gamer and developer earnings. As players accumulate rewards by participating in their favorite play-to-earn games, developers also earn from gamers and the entire Colizeum community.
  • In-Game NFTs: Colizeum supports low-cost NFT minting while checking other related boxes, including demand programming and multilayering.
  • Tournaments-as-a-Service: The Colizeum SDK allows developers to create multiplayer games in different modes and designs. Depending on game specifics, players can enjoy tournaments and earn by winning or simply participating.

Colizeum is a fully-decentralized, anonymous, on-chain, and community-focused ecosystem. The platform also features an Attention Marketplace – a tokenized product that allows the direct monetization of gamers’ attention. Instead of going through Ad Exchanges that charge excessive fees and still keep a large portion of generated revenues, the Attention Marketplace enables transparent user acquisition and monetization via $ZEUM staking. Colizeum already has an exciting list of partners, including the Israeli Blockchain Association, IHODL, and

Benefits to Game Developers

  • The SDK provides quick and inexpensive game development that can shorten developer timelines by up to 1 year
  • Creators can introduce a play-to-earn feature to any mobile game, attracting more players and allowing gamers to earn during gameplay
  • Colizeum is a cross-chain and cross-platform ecosystem that enables gamers and developers to enjoy the best of multiple games regardless of their host platform
  • In-game assets can be easily converted to NFTs
  • Since there are no middlemen on the platform, all processes are cheaper and faster

Benefits to Gamers

  • Colizeum allows players to use one token across all games hosted in the ecosystem
  • In-game assets are tradeable as NFTs. This will enable players to earn more in addition to direct gameplay. Trading NFTs also serves as passive income for gamers
  • Enjoy earnings from any of the games hosted by Colizeum


The Colizeum ecosystem has a total supply of 1 billion $ZEUM tokens available for different purposes. The seed round featured 6% or 60 million tokens, while 13% or 130 million tokens were available at the private round – both with 18-month vesting periods. There also is another 19% allocated to the Colizeum team, 5% to the DAO fund, 15% for strategic partnerships, and 8.650% for its in-game reward program. As a community-focused platform, Colizeum also allotted 10% (100 million tokens) to community incentives.

Colizeum is set to be one of the largest play-to-earn platforms in the blockchain sector as it leverages flexibility and interoperability. Creators will be able to develop games that easily interact with each other, thereby adding to Colizeum’s credibility as the go-to play-to-earn host platform. Furthermore, the earning opportunities available to players across all games will attract more users and also appeal to game developers.

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